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I noticed today that my quotes, underline and other BBCode functions are not appearing - only the formatting for the code (example here), while older posts display properly (example here). What's up?

I won't be able to edit in a few minutes when it times-out. :?

[EDIT] I see this post appears properly, but the previous example still does not. Just confused ...
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By jonbill
It looks like its on a per post basis - I just edited your last post (the other thread) and it showed disable bbcode and disable smilies were set. I unset it and it was fine.
Is it something in your profile perhaps?
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I guess it's OK now, but didn't take when editing. Hmm. All settings set to YES, as-usual. As it's working now (just didn't when editing) I guess we can ignore it as a glitch. I'll post if it occurs again. Thanks!

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Yep, looks OK now. <shrug>
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the file in attached

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