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By FranckTLS
Hi ecery one,
i'm newcomer i have a KLX 650 1993 1 cylinder / plug igniter 4 strock engine.
I would like to install Speeduino in full sequential injection and sequential ignition

- First speed: Idea is install full injection core from KTM 450 + TPS
- Seconde speed : install to work with Ethanol E85 + barometric compensation

Contact me if your are interested by a project
By JHolland
Do post up your progress here. I had a KLR650 some years back, at 6ft 2" off-road style bikes suit me more than small racer style bikes and I liked the way that engine would pull when the throttle was cracked open. Sadly it was stolen and then dumped in a river, then before I could fix it up it was stolen again and it never returned. When I get my old garage fixed up and the electrics replaced I will get started on restoring my 1985 Honda XL600R.
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By PeterJones
08KLR owner here. I have been planning on a Speedy/KLR since discovering Speeduino. I have a NO2C board and, following another builders idea, using a BMW 1200 throttle body. AliExpress supplied fuel pump. Holdup is getting the alternator rotor machined for the crank sensor. "RoleyRev" (on Thumpertalk) and his DRZ400 conversion provided a lot of ideas as well ... ected-drz/ ... on-take-2/

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