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By Stewart B
Hello Forum.
My name is Stewart. 43 years this year as a mechanic in Queensland, Australia. I hit 60 years old this year and I'm still kicknig'!
After losing data, notes and my mind, I have realised that, sharing and keeping information up to date, is a smart thing to do. I still work, but as a Trainer and Assessor in a Trade College, my hands are worn out for full time spanner work.

I hope someone can benefit from this information.

I share a Snip image of an achievement in, tuning Engine Management. Hard won and years of hands on learning have gone into this result.

I'm sharing this to hopefully bring the humble mechanic's thinking to, understanding the magic of logging data and reading it. One of the many projects I have done, this car I saved for myself.

It is a Turbo-Water/Air charge cooler-2.2l 4cyl engine running the Link G3 from 15 plus years ago. I run 170 kpa on boost control, AC, 4 wire idle valve, wasted spark and batch fuel, in semi sequential. The spark table directly relates to when my batch injectors open. 1-4 coil fires, 1-4 injector opens. Works great, can idle to 500rpm and pull to 7000. Intake and combustion chamber work, custom billet cam, 282 seat to seat duration. (Mechanic went overboard!)

Using a fast wideband O2, which I measured against the gas analyser I have, managed a smooth tune running 10.3 compression, 170kpa MAP. 12 AF to 15 AF running smooth and not, breaking any engine parts.

A Wideband O2, which is very fast in heating up before engine start, and very fast in the accurate data output, is one of the most important tools to use, I found. Check Spartan and what, Everything Fuel Injection have created.

If anyone is interested, the file attached can show me many things to consider.
#Battery volts,
# wide band,
# inj duty cycle ( which is the number used in the base fuel table),
# spark point,
# seconds,
# rpm, etc.

I am not quite finished with the tune but, I am very close. No fuel enrichment for acceleration, I have Crank, Post start, warm upon ECT and, that's it. Manifold Guage Pressure (MGP) TABLE FOR FUEL. No Baro compensation, no IAT no other trim to the Base Table for the base tune.
I can see the AR, rate of RPM change, MAP, Spark timing and even a Trigger error log. Through Tuner Studio we even have a cool Idle Timing table which I have used in a Turbo Mini Moke build with terrific success.

I did find the perfect 14.5 AR at idle as well. The engine is a bit more rally that street design so, idling at Stoich is not going to happen easily. I run it at 14.3 btdc at idle and reached a smooth 14.7 AR, however, it didn't make enough torque to hold the AC well. Incidentally, cam intake timing at 1.25mm open is 14 deg btdc. (Just as a bit of info). Smooth idle is at 22 btdc and 12 AR. Works nice.

Anyhow, I hope this bit of info can open the door to some of the technical approaches, an old mechanic will use to find his MoJo again.
Screenshot 2023-08-29 173749.png
Screenshot 2023-08-29 173749.png (2.89 KiB) Viewed 5812 times
link g3 pug 404 Screenshot 2023-08-29 161803.png
link g3 pug 404 Screenshot 2023-08-29 161803.png (22.21 KiB) Viewed 5815 times
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Hey Stewart! Post your data log so we can view in in graphing. ;)
By Stewart B
Here is an example of how we can tune, retrospectively. If y 4.74sec. ou look closely it started idle to wot at 3.53sec and reached 170 kpa at 4.75 sec or so. 3rd gear is my favourite gear as you can feel a torque punch but that usually costs me a gearbox or uni joint. The G3 does have gear boost control but once I tune it I'll step it down to 160 so I can concentrate on my real project.
Always have data log on, save it before we turn off the engine then we can go through on a big screen or print the data to work through. It was an idle , wot, rpm limit then to idle with ac compressor activated. Sounds pretty good too. The engine has a heavy flywheel and heavy internals for a 2.2 4 cyl so free rev is not going to be ultra snappy, but that also helps big time in ease of driving.
I did a 1100 cc mini moke turbo with an MS2 and Tuner Studio is hands down the easiest to use. Weapon of a moke too. Previously the car was flat out at 110kph or so. Now it does that in 3rd and top is just above idle position cruising at 100.
it looks like this image, ... 91784f.jpg
Screenshot 2023-08-30 161313 guages.png
Screenshot 2023-08-30 161313 guages.png (15.9 KiB) Viewed 5718 times
Screenshot 2023-08-30 160909  g3.png
Screenshot 2023-08-30 160909 g3.png (55.08 KiB) Viewed 5718 times
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By Stewart B
Looking closer the 170kpa happened after I lifted off, 150 kpa free rev from 3.53 sec to 4.66 sec 50 kpa to 150 kpa in 1.13 sec. Not a bad result without accel enrich just base maps. You can see though that at 65% tps the intake did have 170 kpa in it, so she is pretty well spooling quickly for the heavy internals and large duration cam. (Happy with that!)
I just remembered I do have the Tuner S file for the Moke on the hard drive from the laptop, I used. From memory, wasted spark 2x injectors, intercooler, log manifold to turbo, 2 wire on/off idle solenoid and it worked great. I'll email my mate and ask him to do a log of it! I'll share the file too. Maybe do a walk through on how I set it up. I have a small engine load cell which is the best tool I have ever made.
It might pay any one interested to check out Larry Atherton of Comp Cams and his Dynosim 6, desk top dyno. It gives very accurate data for scratch map before start.
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I meant to post your log file. We can plot your log with MegaLogViewer to "see" it laid-out like we are used-to, and more than a screen shot can show. :mrgreen:
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Thanks for that. While it can be sorted for viewing with a lot of manual setup in MLVHD; unfortunately it is so old that there is no equivalent INI-type file to sort it automatically for graphing, that I can find on their site anyway. While I'm interested in seeing it and using some of the MLV functions on it, it's not enough for me to do all the manual setup. Oh, well! :lol:
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