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I have an old AEM 30-4110 controller that may be bad. My AFR is all over the place even when idling. So bad that a spin around the block is barely possible. I replaced the Bosch LSU4.9 sensor and it had no effect.

I had it running very well and one day while using autotune my laptop unexpectedly shut off. At that moment is when everything went down the toilet. When the laptop shut off in the middle of autotune could it have damaged the UA4C, Arduino, or AFR controller? I went back and reloaded a good tune that it was running on before this happened with no luck.

Is the Speeduino not firing the injectors correctly making the AFR haywire or is the AFR controller sending bad info to the Speedy making things haywire. Who is the guilty party? I've checked all of the wiring and it all seems fine. I was very careful when wiring everything originally to avoid problems.

I hate throwing parts at problems
Agreed. Perhaps in order to discover ECM integrity; the ECM should function fine without any O2 signal, running on the tune set so far. I would check all settings for corruption, turn off O2 corrections, and verify it runs at that level. If not, then I agree to do a clear and reload, perhaps with a new project in TS. Post the files and go from there.
As previous posts suggest, this does sound like a corrupted Tune.

Eeprom Clear can be found on SpeedyLoader at the bottom of the tune list. Just load it, and it should completly clear the eeprom.

Once you have worked out if the old tune will work, or if you need to start again. Don't forget to recalibrate the sensors, as they are not part of the tune, but have been cleared from the eeprom. :)
First thank you for not being condescending and telling me to read the Wiki.

I cleared the EPROM and loaded the base tune for a 350 Chevy. I changed all of my settings and calibrated my sensors back to what worked before.
I'm thinking my Arduino might be bad. I have a hard time connecting to Tunerstudio and even then it goes off line no more than 30 seconds after I get it connected. in that 30 seconds it goes on and off line randomly until it goes offline for good. then I need to go into Communications, Settings and find it all over again. It doesn't stay on line long enough to get a log of what's happening. I've tried different cables and different laptops with no change in the symptoms. I don't like throwing parts at problems but the Arduino is a cheap part to throw.
While this is going on the AFR is all over the place but mostly dangerously lean. I'm afraid to drive it.

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I don't see a log in the ZIP file. Try to get a log of whatever you can.

You set for a 4-cylinder, 4 injectors and boost, but loaded a Chevy 350 tune instead of the base tune to build-from?

Don't be afraid of running it and driving gently. Lean AFRs will not damage anything at that low level, and will run, run poorly, or quit just like a poorly tuned carb. Your ignition timing is far more important at low loads to avoid issues. If you don't trust the WBO2, then don't use it. Seriously. Tune it like a carburetor. Tune for what the engine likes, not some numbers you want to see. I always build the fuel and timing tune from the bottom-up; warm idle, off-idle, light cruise, and so on. Much safer for any engine to have tuning trends of what the engine likes before beating on it. :lol:

I only refer to the O2 for how it's responding in a relative sense, not for any specific numbers or expectations. Check your O2 controller wiring, connections, and especially grounds. The heater ground should be to the engine block, and the signal ground to your collected signal grounding terminal. I like to take O2 controller 12V power from the same source as the ECM if possible, so no voltage offsets. If the sensor tests OK, and the wiring is proven good, that leaves the controller as the likely suspect.
Tunerstudio wouldn't stay connected long enough to get a datalog. Would a bad AFR controller cause the Speedy to drop it's connection with the laptop? Everything was fine until the laptop suddenly shut down while running Autotune.

Only the fuel and spark tables are from the Chevy 350 tune. All other settings are from my notes back when it was running good.
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