Help with building your Speeduino, installing it, getting it to run etc.
By pigboy306
Ahh I see.... anyway I have been out swapped the wires over now have one bar in the Tooth logger so think that's nailed.
My mini 36-1 isn't picking up anything when I swap the crank plug over and make the changes in speeduino not a dicky bird. May have a duff VR sensor...

Twisting the dizzy shaft there is some play and given the wheel is so small anyway I think I'll cut 34 teeth off leaving a 1 tooth wheel . I'll keep the crank plugged in too and use the two vr sensors.

It's all wired up anyway so just needs to the angle grinder on some teeth
By pigboy306
Ok new sensor fitted to the dizzy then swapped the leads over to make it the main trigger wheel and its picking up nothing.
Swap the lead back and its reading the crank sensor.

I either have brought a duff sensor or something is wrong, what could it be. Is the trigger wheel too small to pick up the gaps so is getting nothing?
By pigboy306
As an update to this I seem to have it working , wiring error.

There is a bit of backlash on the Dizzy set up so kept the main crank as the trigger and cut the 34 other teeth off the dizzy trigger.

I have set the injector engine constants to Sequential.

What i have noticed though is the fuel map needed significant increases. Is this because the original 34 cell setting was halved as now it only worked on one injector as opposed to 2 previously?
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I didn't study your tunes, but stuff like having to adjust VE is typically related to things like incorrect injector dead time and/or injector voltage corrections, and other corrections like temperatures to some degree (no pun intended :lol: ). Even without changing injection modes, incorrect values or corrections settings will make the response non-linear, mostly noticeable at lower loads and speeds (smaller pulse widths) as the error impact is a much larger percent.

Verify all of your settings and corrections (there are many!) are either flat-line, or of accurate value. For random example, IAT Retard is a useful function, but you do not know if your engine needs it, yet. It could be hurting operation. Flat-line it until you test and know what the specific engine and fuel needs. Conversely, you know the coil will not spark properly at lower voltages, and could cause poor performance that you might think is fuel-related. So, coil voltage correction should be researched or tested and set accurately for your specific coil(s) before fuel tuning. Everything like that.

You will save a lot of time, and help to prevent insanity as you pull out your hair wondering why you have to re-tune different things again and again. It's all in the foundation of your tune and the basic settings. It does what you tell it to do. If you give it the wrong info—even unintentionally—it will give you the wrong results. 8-)
By pigboy306
Thanks PSIG.
Most of those type graphs I don't touch.

As to coil I have coil pack firing semi sequential.

I have noticed something funny with the car going suddenly very rich. Not sure what that would be perhaps the bosch fuel pressure regulator which is vacuum operated

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