For discussion of Speeduino compatible boards designed / built by other members of the forum and for guidance around making such a board
lucasanderson wrote: Tue May 30, 2023 3:23 pm Hi PSIG, the application is a big block Chrysler with tunnel ram set up for drag racing. And yes, that's a good idea to just use those other outputs and add on another board with the injector drivers. I'll also have security and widebands in the mix as well. I guess one of the things I would like to avoid is building a box stuffed with a bunch of different boards and jumper wires, so a quick board redesign to add and subtract the things I want will probably be the nicest end result.
No, I meant to use the existing (identical) MOSFETS as they are for the outputs. No jumpers, no daughter-boards, just tweak the ini, hook it up and run. Test and prove and drive your theory quickly with low investment of cash or time.

Yeah, one of my cars was an RB 452, tunnel ram, stage IV heads, etc. It is an easy one to do. No sequential needed or wanted on a setup like that, and there are better options, like double-shot paired. Keep it simple and it will run strong. 8-)
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