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OK, so it will not let me edit any posts, except this one today. I found a recent post had a broken image link, and it only offers to REPORT POST, so I can't fix it. I tried other posts of mine, and same issue. No EDIT option. Please fix this as soon as possible!
By dazq
Josh removed the editing option to contain the spam bot plague not too long ago .
I do notice however that I do get the option to edit a post myself..
If you forward me the edits needed I would be happy to make those changes.
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That's not going to work well. I often add images, or better ones, or broken ones, or add definitions for clarity, or change instructions because Speeduino or TS does it differently now, etc. There is way too much housekeeping I do, to send to others, to make specific or multiple changes on my behalf. Triple the work, sending files, messages to say where to put it, and so on. :? I (and you ;)) will need a better solution. Ideas?
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@LPG2CV - one hour won't get it for the housekeeping edits I do. :( I try to keep info repaired or current like a Wiki.
@jonbill - if the SPAM is stopped efficiently by moderators, then editing = on should be OK. :D

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