For discussion of Speeduino compatible boards designed / built by other members of the forum and for guidance around making such a board
Thanks, I can follow both of you, however I would see other pins have pwm. Injectors for instance, so you can run them peak and hold and you don,t need an extra resistor. Another thing is why doesn,t Tach 1 and 2 run from int0 and int1? These pins have the highest priority in interrupt.

I will put pwm in my spreadsheet this evening so we can take a look which pins have pwm.
By dazq
The reason why speeduino does not need pwm pins for any function is that is generates its own in the code.
At this time speedy doesn't support a peak and hold function.
So this evening I sorted a few things. First I checked the PWM pins. Yes the injections pins are pwm pins. Also the flex pin is a pwm pin.
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Also I have choosen the connector and even an enclousure..
It is a 24 pin fci connector.

24 pin ecu.JPG
24 pin ecu.JPG (83.91 KiB) Viewed 3291 times
Also the female connector can be bought with a small wireloom, so no need to fiddle around with crimping connectors.
female 24 pin.JPG
female 24 pin.JPG (92.95 KiB) Viewed 3291 times
I think it can't be done much cheaper...... :D :D :D :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

And yes there is a footprint in Easyeda for the connector.
FSI 24 footprint.JPG
FSI 24 footprint.JPG (50.12 KiB) Viewed 3291 times
So now I can start at my final layout of the board.
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LPGo wrote: Tue Mar 14, 2023 8:59 pmAlso the flex pin is a pwm pin.
Flex sensors don't work that way. Also, unless using a different tuning interface better than TS and MLV, your Mega pins must have Arduino assignment.
LPG2CV wrote: ↑Mon Mar 13, 2023 10:15 pm
I havn't checked, but ensure flex, boost, idle, and any others requiring it (PWM).

I don't know/care. I'm just develloping a board here, with the Mega2560 (pinout)..

I can use my own software (using Bascom) if I want to or I can use Speeduino..
PSIG wrote: Wed Mar 15, 2023 12:37 am If you don't know or care, help us understand why you are here?
I don,t want to upset you, but see my last post.

I have made several (about a hundred) of boards ignition only (and for myself a few with injection only with a Mega 328 and my own software (1-2-Spark/ 1-2-Squirt) I'm on a dead track now with it (my chip is full) and I'm asked to make new boards. So I want to devellop a board where ignition and injection is combined and which has all the featers I had before. 3 times tableswitch, multispark events startup, shiftlight, fan aso. Looking around I can use this board for Speeduino aswell. I assume that all pins work as they should in Speeduino so I don,t care what they do and how they do it. I just copy them to my board. With my software (Bascom for the chip) I can make the pinout as I want thats no problem.
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No worries, I'm not going to be upset. ;) Interesting you might think that, and curious why you would. Is there something we should know? We are a helpful and good-natured community for the sake of each other. Some of your questions and statements are rather odd for a "designer" and some comments could cause concern issues for users. These potential issues, coupled with "Speeduino", could impact us. Knowing your goals and why you're here simply allows us to assist more effectively, again to support users here and the community in-general.

So this is not a Speeduino project, but a closed project using some Speeduino principles, and claimed function with Speeduino code, yes? Keep in-mind the license requirements as you go. Please use care in creating a project that may not benefit anyone here, and possibly impact others negatively, while referencing Speeduino or forum assistance for an unknown private commercial product. Not being harsh, but clear of each other's intent. Yours is not clear. Does that help understanding, and can you provide more of yours?
So, first, yes my project is a closed project.

Second I have never earned some (shitload of)money with it, nor will I, this was and is a hobby project of mine, helping other 2 cv drivers and myself to keep there and my cars running, on LPG, turbo, injection a.s.o.

Now take a look at my topic here, 880 post of my ignition. ... f=7&t=3003.

And I think it is the other way round, I started my project early in 2011, when did Speeduino start. So who is copiyng who..

Third I am no electronics specialist but google is my best friend and I've made it up to here, so please forgive me my odd questions.

Fourth. I want to use an Atmega 2560 now to take my system to the next level so why shouldn't I make it compatible to Speeduino also and give my users (if there are still out there) a choise.

Cheers Geo.
So still developing my own standalone board. Inspired by the Blitzbox but with my own layout, must haves and so on..

Sofar I have:

Atmega 2560
1x Ignition/injection/driver ground (GND)
4x passive coil driver 30 Amp.
4x injector driver (fused) 4 amp.
1x boost driver 4 amps fused
1x petrol driver 4 amps fused
1x fan driver 4amps fused
1x spare driver

1x board ground
Ncv1124 VR IC(standard) 2 x VR sensor)
max9926 VR IC
1x IAT
1x TPS
1x 5volt supply (tps)

1x USB

Take a look
spark%squirt 1.0.JPG
spark%squirt 1.0.JPG (99.95 KiB) Viewed 2597 times
spark%squirt 1.0-2.JPG
spark%squirt 1.0-2.JPG (94.32 KiB) Viewed 2597 times
spark%squirt 1.0-3.JPG
spark%squirt 1.0-3.JPG (103.11 KiB) Viewed 2597 times
spark%squirt 1.0-4.JPG
spark%squirt 1.0-4.JPG (138.59 KiB) Viewed 2597 times
spark%squirt 1.0-5.JPG
spark%squirt 1.0-5.JPG (92.71 KiB) Viewed 2597 times
Still a long way to go, but I'm getting there (I hope)
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