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By chris900f
Hi, I'm trying to build a model of my timing rotor in Ardustim. I'm new to this, so I don't know how to build a definition
from scratch, but I was able to mod an existing wheel that had 5 degree increments.


So looking at the scope view I think this modified wheel model will work. Where would I find the definitions for individual teeth?

Are there any tutorials on building trigger definitions?

Thanks, Chris
By chris900f
Thanks for the link. I've been looking at the wheels.def in Speeduino with VS Studio. I'm intrigued by the VMAX pattern that identifies the widest tooth on the rotor for sync,( and doesn't need a cam signal). One thing I can't figure out is how they set-up to read both the rising and falling edges on the same wheel.

Another possibility is to use the rising edges only and identify sync via the short 30 degree gap at 110 to 140. The other rising edges have a delta of 55,65 or 85 so any delta less than 55 (?)
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chris900f wrote: Thu Feb 09, 2023 8:51 pmI'm intrigued by the VMAX pattern that identifies the widest tooth on the rotor for sync,( and doesn't need a cam signal).
This is known as "signature tooth" detection. We've been interested in this for years, as there are a surprising number of systems that use the concept. Do a search for info, and one of the more recent threads is this one by @Jama.
By chris900f
Thanks for the tip! I checked out Jama's thread, very interesting. I think my rotor should be a little less difficult, since the trigger tooth is over twice the width of the next widest teeth (teeth are 35, 15, or 10) Also because my engine is a 180 parallel twin with wasted spark, it is like coding a single cylinder. There is no significant advantage to sequential for this engine, so I'm off the hook there at least :D

The stock setup fires within the advance "window" of the large tooth, so 40 to 5 degrees BTDC for cylinder 2; at the same time cylinder 1, gets a wasted spark within the same advance window. It might be better to use the 360 degree tooth(cyl 1) as tooth #1 which would put the sync tooth at position #4

Is all the information for a decoder stored in the wheels.def?

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