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Well, after reading some posts in the forum about problems and the need to have the right tools, I have decided to buy the tuner studio MS and the MegaLogViewerHD, with the possibility of upgrading the TS to a higher version if needed. I don't know if what I have done will be fine and will be useful to me, but when in doubt about having the complete Tool or just a demo, I have decided to buy it to make my project as smooth and stable as possible, and the time to start using it it's already on top!!!
What do you think, am I correct? Or have I gone a bit too far?
Perfect. Registered TunerStudio MS is all you need :), unless you go on to tuning many projects, or special tuning such as dedicated dyno or track tuning. MLV standard works just fine with Speeduino, while HD has a few perks and will read many other types and formats. You're fine with those, and you will be amazed what you can do with MLV as you learn how to use it. :D The guides on EFI Analytics are good references, and YouTube can be helpful, but sometimes too focused or specialized. Have fun! :D
Great, although I don't know what it is dedicated dynamometer or track adjustment. Is that a power bank? because I don't have that, hehehe. unless the program can do it without the need for a power bank.
By the way, I already received the two types of resistors for the injector.
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I finally finished the test bench and it has worked!! but with some problems.
I turn on the coils and the spark plugs are already sparking.
With the CKP potentiometer they can be regulated and it makes as if they were accelerating in the car... it's great to see it!!
Apart from the settings that I'm not sure about and I have left them as they come in speeduino from the factory, such as dwell or "get low" or "get high"
The problems that have arisen are:
the leds do not work for me on the no2c board, (the spark plugs work but the leds on the board do not light.

The same thing happens with the injection leds, they don't work either, but in this case, the injector doesn't do anything and I say I think, because apart from the fact that the leds don't work, it doesn't make noise either.
"open/close", I need to check if there is current with the multimeter and also check it with the oscilloscope.
I don't know if you can upload videos here, but if it is possible to upload them, I'll send you one later.
Here I leave the log and the tune so you can see it. remember that in all the time that it has been working, the LEDs do not light up, neither for injection nor for ignition.
I don't hear the injector work but here it seems that it works. I have measured it with the multimeter too, and it detects something and then nothing and so while it is at medium rpm, at low rpm it does not catch anything and at high rpm it detects constant millivolts.
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