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By Jw501
I have a 4 cylinder Nissan engine with a firing order of 1-3-4-2. I built a nice harness from scratch with new connectors and wire, cut everything to exact lengths, loomed it, etc.

I wired the number 2 cylinder to the number 2 ignition output on the Speeduino, which makes sense to me. However I am now noticing that the Speeduino manual states that the number 2 cylinder should be connected to the number 3 output on the Speeduino?

If I’m using tuner studio and set the firing order to 1-3-4-2, should the Speeduino fire output 1, then output 3, then output 4, then output 2, or do I have to take this harness apart and wire it so output 1 goes to 1, 2 goes to 3, 3 goes to 4 and 4 goes to 2?

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By jonbill
speeduino fires its channels in the order 1,2,3,4. so you have to wire those channels to your cylinders in the order that matches your firing order.
i. e. 1-1,2-3,3-4,4-2

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