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Any general discussion around the firmware, what is does, how it does it etc.
Oh man! I am getting consistent RPM! I got a fresh copy of speeduino 202210-dev and just did small modifications to Jeep2000 locally then worked up to add all 16 tooth angles, decoderIsSequential=true, added some lines to deal with revolution. I am wondering if more logic needs to be added to triggerSec to handle all 16 teeth, something like:
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void triggerSec_Jeep1994CNP4cyl()
  if(toothCurrentCount < 17) {toothCurrentCount = 0; revolutionOne = 1; } //happens when cam sensor goes high first time after two crank cycles and resets tooth count back to zero, indicating that we're at the beginning of a new revolution
yay! is the current code checked into your github fork?
did you change the setting of secondaryTriggerEdge = CHANGE in init.ino? (to same handling as primary).
I haven't thought it through thoroughly, but I think that if it's on CHANGE, you'll be able to differentiate your two revolutions of the 720, but they might not be the same cylinders across multiple starts. Hope that makes sense!
My latest changes are committed in my fork on GitHub but I am about to try secondaryTriggerEdge=RISING in combination with all 16 teeth tooth angles defined. This is for 720 degree tracking as I want to run sequential ignition and injection. I am also going to look at the decoder with my new perspective and see what else needs to be changed (probably triggerSetEndTeeth?).
Note: Using secondaryTriggerEdge=CHANGE is sufficient for paired injectors and dizzy, i.e. stock 2000 Jeep 6 cylinder, and it only requires entering 12 toothangles.

Sidenote: I have learned a bunch through this process over the past several months; I may have been missing time-master library in Arduino IDE at one point, I messed up the init.ino at one time, I wasn't loading the proper custom firmware speeduino.ini from my sketch in TS. The list goes on but I feel like I am getting much closer!
That worked except I needed to change the RPM detect to 720 rather than 360.
Now, reworded from Slack, I am going to mess with
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if (toothCurrentCount == 0) { crankAngle = 174 + configPage4.triggerAngle; } 
because JAKY47's ignition improvement using a lower number. I am going to try 234 on my next attempt, which is 60 degrees before tooth 1, rather than the 236 on the diagram.
RowdyDouglas wrote:
Wed Jul 20, 2022 4:01 am
Decoder hasn't been put into GitHub that I am aware of. I could do that even though @reliant_turbo did the work (I'll put his handle in the comments or something). The battery is new (I'll double check voltage with my multimeter though). I do have an alternator regulator I was thinking about disconnecting for testing. Thanks for the replies, it's always nice to have people to bounce ideas around with.
thats fine with me. as long as the development continues. ive been busy with other stuff.

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