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By jp_prat
A lot has happened and now the bike is running, but still has sync loss issues. I have done some changes: big 114mm diameter 36-1 trigger wheel with cherry long red hall sensor, and vw smart coils.
There was a faulty 5v regulator on my speeduino when i returned to this project, i replaced it and it started "working".

I was riding yesterday with steady throttle, like 40kmh speed with almost no load to the engine, when suddenly bike started accerelating slighly, and made some knocking sounds. :shock: I am not 100% sure but that seems like ignition advance is going all over the place. It only lasted couple of seconds and it happens sometimes only.

I have been thinking that maybe my hall sensor is bad or not suited for the job? or maybe arduino is bad.

I have tried to eliminate interference issues by using foil tape to cover some wires, i have star point grounding, installing smart coils eliminating plug wires all together. I have even put some capacitors to alternator leads to "smooth the current" and even disconnected the alternator. I have hall sensor wires going inside grounded copper jacket. Nothing of these things haven't made any difference. So i am thinking it might not be interference issue.

Do you have any ideas?
By jp_prat
Yes! I have captured this one uploaded here: https://ufile.io/303cze62

In the log I first accerelate 1st gear, sift early so i wouldnt lose traction, I got second gear to 8000rmp range and to this point bike pulls hard and good. But then it breaks up and i loose power. Then i accerelate full throttle couple of "pulls" and bike has no power, full boost and bike doesnt want to accerelate, i would estimate it having less than 50hp.. First it was more like 200hp probably.

Then i try to cut power to the ecu so it would return to normal, like it was before sync loss.. so that's why voltage goes to zero couple of times. But this sync loss is the real issue, right? If that would be gone, bike probably would not go in that "low power state"
By LAV1000
No wide band sensor, hence the 25.00 AFR ?
Almost looks like when MAP goes above 170 sync loss appears.
By jp_prat
Good summer! I am still fighting this problem here.

I have done completely new wiring harness, chanced to ford f150 36-1 trigger wheel, and bmw m52 hall sensor.
I also changed bikes alternator to another working one.
I have fitted the bike with vw smart coils, and run them on wasted spark, also i have coils under sheet metal covers.
I have tried to change 8 ohm injector resistors to 16 ohm (I run mitsubishi evo, low ohm, stock injectors). This made it to run lean but did not help with sync loss issues.
I have grounded my single wire coolant temp sensor to its metal case.
I have tried to fit capacitors to injectors, coils and fuel pump positive and negative wire. To maybe smooth out something.

All this did not made any difference, at all.

Then i purchased new geekgreit brand arduino and loaded it with newest software, i downloaded new base tune and put my old ve and spark maps in that. This did something. Now rpm gauge is going grazy and bike in middle of accerelation, loses all power and start to making terrible knocking sound. When i push clutch in and coast, then try to rev it, it sometimes knock like crazy and sometimes it has gone back to "normal". Cutting power from ecu and start again will make it normal most of the times.
So this didn't fix the problem.

Btw its very hard to take data logging when on motor bike. by the time I wrestle the computer inside of my jacket or backback, it has 4 out of 5 times, disconnected, and my runs will go to waste. I have tried it, and when it starts breaking up and knocking, sync loss reading rises like crazy.
I have my timing correct, bike does not knock except when ecu sends the sparks at wrong time when its going grazy.

Can some components, or the bare board itself of my speeduino be bad? And what components are the kind that can cause speeduino to be sensitive to interference or go crazy on its own? Can getting a whole new speeduino help?

I have that tiny white chinese oscilloscope now, I could maybe use it to find if the problem is interference or what? I have been thinking, where would be a good place to measure?
By LAV1000
Also check this forum for "AM radio" they are also used to find noise.

When sparkplugs start to go bad they can cause sync losses even the resistor type plugs.
By janithdg
I had the same issue with cherry sensor,
try a bmw m52 crank sensor, i didnt had any sync losses ever since, power bog down is related to sensor issue
By jp_prat
Hmm, I have the m52 hall sensor already in use, didn't help. I have look into that am radio thing, i can't find a lot of tutorial how to chase noise issue on motor electronics with radio :?:

But i tried to osciloscope battery terminals when bike was running, ac and dc, then i compared it to 2003 nissan almera stock car, in similar measurement, i did not see much difference in the scope between that car and my bike. I assume that stock nissan car does not have great amount of noise.

I ordered brand new speeduino 0.4.4C from diyefi, I'll try with that, if it works, then my board or components were faulty all the time. I can't really think what could be wrong with the bike.
By jp_prat
Okay so I installed new speeduino, with my old arduino. It works! No more breaking up and knocking :D I still have crank filtering set to medium, have to try will it work with it off.

Its weird that that kind problem, where arduino goes crazy, is caused by speeduino board and components. Not interferference from bike or bad software.

Here is picture of my current trigger setup. Its crazy looking on motorbike but it should work good.
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