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By Luis_Armstrong

I'm working on acceleration enrichment settings, however I couldnt find more information about PW Adder as enrichment method. Previously I was using PW multiplier but AFR was very lean under acceleration. Only by changing to PW adder using pretty similar settings response was much quicker and AFR between 12 -13. However I would like to know exactly which is the difference, which method is recommended.

I'm not sure if PW multipler will multiply a defined PW or will add the value to PW. So my question is which is the main difference between PW multiplier and PW adder so I could proceed properly in the way I propose my settings.

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By Luis_Armstrong
Hi Neovin,

I changed the MAP setting and logged some data in free acceleration, in the wideband I see less lean mode during accel, maybe due to sample time is not noticeable in logging file. I'm attached a file with this setting and previous MAP setting, tune file is also included, only difference between both conditions was the MAP.

Let me know your comments.
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Tuning AE requires activating the function with a specific speed of TPS or MAP, from a specific rpm—and holding it as it revs. This allows you to see all of the actions, from throttle movement, MAP change, Lambda change both initial and across time and rpm. Logs of this type are much easier to read and analyze for AE tuning.

This is important to enable seeing the amount of added fuel effect, speed of effect, transitioning Lambda, taper or end of AE and stabilized Lambda as accel stabilizes, and any trailing lean or rich condition (duration and taper settings of AE). Throttle is released from the hold position once the accel is stable, or to max rpm, or to rev limiter, depending on what loads and speeds of throttle (TPS or MAP) is being tuned. I hope that helps.

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