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FWLRmusic wrote: Sun Apr 10, 2022 5:40 pm Also shouldn't there only be 6 ignition events between the cam sync pulse?
I would agree with that. 6-cylinders on a distributor should have 6 firings in one cycle from one output. 6 firings from one cycle signal to the next, in 2 crank revolutions; 1 spark every 120°if even-fire. Actually, the number of firings is the same for other modes as-well, such as wasted-spark, with 6 firings shared across 3 outputs, or sequential with 6 firings across 6 outputs.
Haha ya this whole project is one big confusing thing so I won't blame ya there. Given that we are seeing more than 6 per 720 degree cycle does that shed any light on what could potentially be happening here. Seems as though the inputs are being interpreted incorrectly. Perhaps noise? I've tried every level of trigger filtering in the software but maybe I need to try some caps on the input or something.
Yes I've swapped in a standard 24/1 wheel. I've tried to capture a log using the tooth logger but I can't seem to get it to work properly. Can't find much documentation on how to use it in TunerStudio but I'll look more into it.

I haven't tried a flush and fill on the EEPROM, but I'll look into how to do that too. I have tried to start over from scratch numerous times in terms of the tune, but never wiped the whole thing.
Im assuming your trigger wheel is in a Distributor.

If you have no luck you could always try a 24-1 cam speed. 24 tooth, one missing. This will still allow you to run sequential. If you are not bothered you could modify it to make it at 12-1 12-1 crank. Which is how I run mine which was originally a 24/1.

With regards to tunerstudio log. It takes a while to show anything. Well that is my findings anyway. Im running some older versions and It will not show cam sync.

Have fun.
So are you suggesting to block off one of the slots on the disk?

I also went and reflashed the latest firmware on the mega board today. Same Same. I verified that the RPM signal was correct by looking at the time between cam sync pulses.

I've ordered a new Mega board because its only like 30 bucks so might as well give it a shot. Other than that I think I'm going to have to switch to a different platform because I have no more ideas. All the signals going into the pin on the arduino board are perfect, I've tried every configuration tweak I can think of and it still just kind of spits out random pulses on the ignition output.
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