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So I've been picking away at my 6G72 minivan project and I still cannot get the ignition to fire regularly. I've checked everything obvious and even measured the Cam, Crank, and Ignition right on the pin header going into the arduino board as well as heading into the harness. I am well-versed in electronics and I cannot find any obvious connection / hardware problems.

My trigger set up is a 24/1 wheel running at cam speed. The ignition set up uses a distributor so I have IGN1 going to a power transistor to fire the coil pack into the distributor.

In the picture below the signals are:
Blue - Crank Input
Purple - Cam Input
Yellow - Ignition Output


I have tried swapping all kinds of values in the configuration, but no matter what I try the ignition output is always random looking with no patterns that I can see. It just seems to fire at random intervals. Oddly enough when I'm cranking the ECU shows my RPM to be around 200 which leads me to believe the crank signal is getting in properly.

I'm thinking of buying a 30 dollar 2560 board to eliminate that as a possible issue.

Current config - ... 2.msq?dl=0
Cranking Datalog - ... 3.mlg?dl=0

Tomorrow I plan on measuring the injector outputs along side the trigger inputs to see if that sheds any light because I am going nuts not being able to figure this out lol.

Thanks for the help!
The log seems to show it's happy with the crank/cam signal and the RPM seems reasonable at cranking.
There's a couple of things in the tune that are suspect - I'd turn 2nd spark table and launch control off - the settings aren't reasonable and I'd leave them until later.
you could try turning on 'resync every cycle' - that might tell us something.

Does it fire at all?
Thanks for the advice Jon. I've done what you suggested and measured again.

The blue trace is the INJ1 output. I also tried changing the trigger settings to 24 tooth to see what would happen and I've included that shot as well
IMG_20220410_111907~3.jpg (3.65 MiB) Viewed 6441 times
IMG_20220410_111756~3.jpg (2.64 MiB) Viewed 6441 times
I forgot to set the resync every cycle option in that previous post so here's that. I should add that the IGN output isnt tied to anything at the moment. I disconnected it from the ignititor to see if it changed anything and it didn't.

Funny how the INJ output seems pretty reasonable...
IMG_20220410_112610.jpg (4.27 MiB) Viewed 6439 times
I Think with your setup it's still firing a spark every 120 degrees and we're relying on the distributor to suppress alternate sparks. so there should be 12 between cam signals.
What is the auxiliary input on A6 for? can you turn that off too?
(and share your new log and tune?)

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