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For any other general hardware. Can be OEM parts (Eg Coils, injectors etc) or anything more specific.
I have been lurking on here for quite a while, soaking up knowledge. Over the last week or so I finally got around to doing some cleanup in my lab, and there are some items that I think some Speeduino users might be interested in. Most of these items are the result of a few years I spent reverse engineering old 8051-based Motronic units (M1.7.x) for the BMW M42 engine. See the link if you want to geek out a little.
https://www.r3vlimited.com/board/forum/ ... ngineering

Of course, "dude with post count of 1" may set off some red flags. I have the same items listed on a popular E30 forum, where I have been an active member for nearly 20 years (feels old, man). See the little shout-out at the bottom of the first post.
https://www.r3vlimited.com/board/forum/ ... on-drivers

I am not sure where people on here are geographically. As such, if you are outside of the USA and want an item, I will subtract $10 (typical domestic shipping cost for small stuff like this) from what it costs to ship internationally and the remainder will be paid by you. Paypal payments only.

Anyway, the items some of you may be interested in:

1) Motronic 88-pin connectors. I have 7 of them. These were all desoldered, and none of them have bent or damaged pins, and include the plastic pin holder which is essential to actually getting one of these to seat in the holes. The plastic pin holders only differ in where the little alignment pegs are, and those can just be clipped off if they interfere. These are super useful for Speeduino and Megasquirt ECU conversions. One of these has been trimmed and fitted with a custom laser-cut holder, which I had planned to use with a MS3X ECU by soldering wires to the pins. They are compatible with all M4x and M5x engine harnesses that used Bosch ECUs. $50 for each of the un-chopped connectors, $30 for the chopped connector, shipped in the US lower 48.

2) SOLD Jim-Stim board. It includes the DB37 receptacle and terminal blocks for connecting it however you want to Megasquirt or anything else. I successfully used this to simulate an M42 when I was doing some tests with aftermarket ECUs, so it works, and you can use it for all sorts of stuff. $70 shipped in the US lower 48 (retail is $120)
Documentation is here: http://jbperf.com/JimStim/index.html

3) Genuine Bosch IGBT ignition coil driver transistors. These were all pulled from M1.7, M1.7.2 and M1.7.3 units. They are good to at least 10A @ 4ms dwell, and clamp the primary flyback to ~420V. These are nice, ruggedized OEM automotive grade transistors, perfect for your aftermarket ECU conversion that needs to drive coils directly. Alternatively, if you are an M42 owner, it does not hurt to keep some spares around. There is also one set from a M1.7.3 here, which has a different pinout than the M1.7/M1.7.2 ones. I will provide pinout and footprint dimension info if you are interested. $5 each + flat 8 shipping (USPS Priority)

4) A full 88-pin connector pair (harness side plug + ECU side receptacle). None of the locking tangs are broken and all terminal positions lock correctly. This is all you need to convert any harness to use the Bosch 88 pin system. Harness entry can be left- or right-handed depending on how you orient the beige terminal carrier in the outer shell. No terminals are included, but the required TE/Amp PNs are below. Price is $100 shipped in the US lower 48.

The 26 larger terminal positions use:
- TE/Amp Junior Power Timer (0.5-1.0 mm^2 wire), 927771-3
- TE/Amp Junior Power Timer (1.0-2.5 mm^2 wire), 927768-3

The 62 smaller terminal positions use:
- TE/Amp Micro Timer 1, 929952-1

5) C101 connector (engine harness side), commonly used in M5x engine swaps in late model E30s. Clean, properly de-pinned, includes rubber boot. No terminals are included, but PNs are below. I recommend owning the correct extraction tool for these as there is no other way to get terminals back out. Price is $30 shipped in the US lower 48.
- TE/Amp 2.5mm circular system (0.5-1.0 mm^2 wire), 929963-1
- TE/Amp 2.5mm circular system (1.0-2.5 mm^2 wire), 929964-1
- Extraction tool, https://www.amazon.com/YSTOOL-Terminal- ... B096ZJ5T45 (I do not see an individual tool anywhere, but it is #2 in this kit)

Item(s) 1



(the chopped up one)

Item 2


Item(s) 3






Item(s) 4




Item 5

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OK, I finally finished up a drawing detailing the footprint dimensions for the PCB-side connectors. All necessary info should be here for building a footprint in ECAD software, if anyone is interested.

A PNG image is shown here, and a vector SVG is also linked (created with Inkscape). At the bottom is a diagram for the terminals when looking at the ECU / PCB-side connector.

Connector asking prices were also lowered.

http://www.e30tuner.com/sales/motronicd ... FPRINT.svg


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