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By morecombe
using a retroject setup on my x flow,been having issues with ignition but thats now resolved,but now the second injector just stays open on cranking flooding the engine.Have i got a tuner studio setting wrong somewhere?.
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By jonbill
sounds like you might have some pin misconfiguration and the injector is actually being controlled by something that thinks its controlling something else.
what is retroject?
By morecombe
retroject is a replacement for the weber 32/36 carb used on some x flow engines.it has two injectors and all sensors built in.Look at the webcon site if your interested.
i am using it on my mk1 xr2.
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By V6vintage
I also have a Retroject on my Essex V6, In tunerstudio - settings - engine constants I have my injectors set up as Alternating and paired, using outputs 1 and 2 on the board If i remember correctly. I double checked they were firing properly with the slow speed setting on my phones camera.

Also check the tick boxes in cranking settings, there's an option to keep a pin low whilst cranking. Sorry i can't remember the exact option but it's there somewhere :)
By morecombe
thanks for that,my engine settings are the same,the cranking setting you have mentioned,i have found it (bypass output pin on arduino)but the options are 3-53.Does anyone know which pin relates to inj 2.?
By theonewithin
You don't need to play with that.

Just post your tune and check your wiring is correct.

It is likely to be either a wiring issue or a firmware corruption problem.

And maybe tune. We can only help with 1 of those things. You need to check your wiring

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