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By morecombe
Built my v0.4.3c board,tested with a ecu tester and all fine,fitted to my 1600 xflow .ran tuner studio and all connected tps coolant and air temp working.Using the hardware tester ,got the injectors working ,but no spark.Tested the plug to the coilpack and have on pin 1. 0v off 12v on,pin 2. 12v ignition live,pin3. 0v off 12v on,pin 4 . ground.Can someone tell if these outputs are correct?.
By miker
Which coilpack? Do the LEDs light up for ignition on the v0.4 board?

Any pictures? I'm also doing a xflow so interested in everything.

By morecombe
fitted a fahren FIC0012 VW POLO coilpack,Using the hardware test in tuner studio the coil leds both light and give 12v output,but don,t know if it should,or go to ground as the injectors do.I see a setting for wasted spark ,going high or going low and unsure which to use,as the guide says choosing incorrectly can damage the coil.
By theonewithin
Find the pinout for your coil

Sounds like nothing wrong with the Speeduino and you just need to ensure you have the coil connected correctly and the correct settings in TS set.
By morecombe
was going to test the pinout but when i connected the battery i got a explosion on cylinder1 meaning it was firing.I only asked about the coilpack wiring as i blew up a coilpack for no apparent reason,and did,nt want to damage another.will update progress later
By theonewithin
So it sou ds even more like you haven't got the coil connected correctly or have its trigger settings wrong.

Find the specs for you coil. Or test it.
By morecombe
can someone check my settings,i am getting closer to running,have fuel and spark ,but still not running.i have a
1600 x flow with wasted spark coilpack and a retroeject all in one throttle body.i think my timing settings must be wrong i have a 36 missing tooth wheel on my crank pulley with my sensor at 90 degrees before tdc.
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By theonewithin
Use a timing light to confirm trigger offset is correct.

There is no other way.
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By jonbill
what do you mean by the sensor is at 90 btdc?
is it the falling edge of the tooth after the missing tooth passes the sensor 90 btdc?
By morecombe
at tdc my crank sensor is in the centre of the missing tooth gap.

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