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Any questions you have before you begin buying, building and installing.
By bmw_r35
Injector will be bosch 0-280-158-110 ev14, 12ohm, at 3bar 150cc, so probably 125cc at 2. 5bar

Wideband sensor, Bosch lsu 4.9
Wideband module, tinywb. Problem might be too much power consumption, probably need to get 150w alternator

Fuel pressure regulator 2.5bar with map reference
Small external fuel pump is hard to find... But one with 12v, 1.5a, 3bar would Flow 25l/h and I only need about 8l/h.

It would mean pwm with vvt output, mosfet rfp 30n06le, 10k ohm resistor and 1n4001 diode. Was thinking 40% duty cycle at 100% tps and rpm.

But I could not find vvt settings on tunerstudio...
By LAV1000
For your alternator problem, you could also use an LED Headlight.
And VVT settings:
VVT.png (240.26 KiB) Viewed 589 times
By theonewithin
I posted a link to an external fuel pump.

12W consumption.

Wouldn't even likely need to PWM it.

And as above switching to LED headlight will get you the required power.

Could go all out and swap indicators/tail light too if you are that worried.
Came across this, from here https://motorwestperformance.com/fuel-i ... and-specs/ when looking for injectors for my Citroen 2CV conversion. I've sorted and filtered some for you. Hope its helpful.

Bosch Number cc/min @3bar Resistance (ohms)
280156058 80 15
280150995 90 15
280155763 100 12
280155812 100 12
280155731 100 15
280155837 100 15
280155905 100 15
280155919 100 15
280155965 100 15
280156025 100 15
280159731 100 15
280159732 100 15
280155764 100 16
280155793 100 16
280155964 100 16
280155786 105 15
280150555 105 16
280150997 105 16
280150793 115 16
280150993 115 16
280155795 120 12
280155753 120 15
280155814 120 15
280155843 120 15
280155886 120 15
280155981 120 15
By bmw_r35
Thank you for the injector list, I Will check What ones are easily available.

Original alternator is only 60w, and even with all Led, every place where power can be saved is important. One is pwm for fuel pump, other is probably wideband a/f to o2 sensor.

Yes, I was thinking getting that fuel pump you linked, but downside was that it has internal fuel pressure regulator and I would need external one with manifold pressure input.

Description says for pump you linked, flow:25L/h, pressure:0.3MPa(3Bar), voltage 12v, current:1.5a. It has similar specs to fuel pump Im considering at the moment, but will look couple days for better one.

In Tunerstudio, I opened different example project and then found VTT

There are not lot of space for trigger wheel, would 40mm 12-1 work?
By theonewithin
Why would you need another pressure regulator?

It works fine.

Hell with ITBs your vacuum will be crappy Al the time so its not going to effect anything once tuned correctly.

Wideband once warmed up should use bugger all power.

I think you are way overthinking this issue.
By LAV1000
theonewithin does have a point.

40mm wheel might work but......
Most OEM sensor work with bigger wheels and most of them need a certain tooth/space measurement.
You won't find those measurement in the tech specs.
But you could use an opto or hall sensor and make your own setup.
I use this opto OPB625 also on a motorcycle it is rated to 100C.
Or the Allegro hall sensor ATS667 or its derivates.

You should also investigate a sequential setup, this way you need geartthooth related to you crank and a single pulse from cam or the old OEM point system

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