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Correction % = New_ms / Baseline_ms * 100

So, pick a dead time near your average running voltage as the baseline (100%). Let's say that's 14V and 0.8ms dead time. You would enter 100 at 14V in your corrections table.

Now you test at 12V and find 1.1ms. Use the formula above:

1.1 / 0.8 * 100 = 137.5%

Round and enter 138 in your 12V correction cell. Repeat for other lower and higher voltages. I typically enter a range of 8V to 16V values for "12V" vehicles. 8-)

Note — you can pick any voltage for your baseline, but I like to see minimum corrections when all is "normal", so those are the baselines I use most often. Just my thing.
By Torslund
What went wrong? On bench I had inj1 inj4 fire together, 2 and 3 together also. On engine all fires at same time. So running very rich. On scope I had 1 and 4 on first rev and 2 and 3 on next rev = engine cycle. But now I can make that happened?
By Torslund
Measuring on engine and dual wheel trigs is there. But I can't make speedy squirt the way it did before. 4 cyl, 4 injectors, 2 squirts/cycle, it's as it don't let me take control over the squirts. Has AI take over?
By Torslund
Made some measurements and it's so that all injectors channels fires at same time. Can speedy sketch be corrupt or mega memory? So changes does not change channel timing.
By Torslund
I believe more and more on a software issue. Speedy doesn't respond correct to changes from TS. For days I could not make it fire sequentially and suddenly it did. But did not respond correct to changes from that. And I can't see any pattern in that. Is the software tested with anything else then same set up all time on same bench with "same engine"?

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