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By P3mpi
Wassup yall

I'm doing a project in my spare time :D its a toyota 4afe that I'm installing a speeduino ua4c . Now i did install a trigger wheel 60-2 with a vr sensor and did some cranking log and would like some opinion on it :twisted: :twisted:
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Your phone is not so good, or the blurring is from you moving.

[We are saying, if you want opinions on your log, post your log and the conditions you took it in.] ;)
By theonewithin
What is it you actually want?

Opinion on what exactly?

Please be specific else you will get comments like above because we have no idea what it is you want from us.
By P3mpi
Oh i get it. I just want to know if the trigger is looking good and if I should go ahead try starting the car :roll: :roll:
By jackscr
I think you get those "empty" teeth from either wrong trigger edge or reversed polarity VR can't remember witch... :)
Oh and no it is not looking good, do a search to see how the log should look like normally with full bars and 1 tooth 3 times higher than the others
Edit: missed the fact it was a composite log...so yeah... do a tooth log as was said..
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By theonewithin
Do a tooth log not a composite log.

Composite isn't very useful.

Ideally with spark plugs removed so engine spins easily.

The wiki has info on correct settings for VR sensors and the conditioner you are using.
By P3mpi
thank you for the responses guys, I realy appreciate it. i did a tooth log, but should i get 58 small lines and a big one?
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