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Looking for an ignition only control. Looking to lock out my distributor and control the advance with a MAP sensor. It's going onto a 1979 MGB with a homemade CDI box I'm currently working on based off a 1970's wireless world design. Hoping I can get something small and simple can I use something like the Arduino nano?

mgperf wrote:
Sat Jun 19, 2021 12:50 pm
... Looking to lock out my distributor and control the advance with a MAP sensor.
Hi Jon. I've seen several that have done exactly that here. Since you're into making your own CDI, you may want to make your own ignition controller, perhaps using a Mega Pro Mini. Or build your own Mega ignition board with only what you need, or use an existing design of small complete ECM (like this) and only use the ignition features.

Using a controller greatly expands the ignition capabilities with features such as ignition-assisted idle speed control, rev-limiting, cruise economy, etc. Adding more sensors such as temperature can allow better cold-start, idle-up, and so on. Have fun!

[EDIT] BTW, you may want to add some of your goals to your project page. CDI is great for firing through dirty and oily mixtures, but does not do as well for firing lean mixtures such as for economy or emissions. Is that a concern?


Klotzy_550's single-channel board, as one example of existing designs that could be easily used for ignition only, fuel only, or both. He even has Bluetooth on it:

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