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Any questions you have before you begin buying, building and installing.
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By Chris Wolfson
There are always the same funny (non) problems getting in the way:
ECU has to fit in the old ECU case. What the heck for?
Installation should work on the stock engine, but work on COP too. How can that be?
The engine loom should be left as is, but be able to do more. Impossible.
The installer knows about engines and aftermarket ECU's, but needs a ready set up tuning file for his engine. Really?.

So what you need is a plug and play, ready made ECU, that, after some time of use, you can return for an extended version, free of charge. The extended version shall have COP and be ready for DBW, compressor and turbo charging. Oh, and of course, drive the automatic gear box. All this for low to no budget and DIYS soldered.

OK, sure, can be made, but maybe next year? In the meantime, you could start to read the Wiki?
I am assuming by the other super helpful posts that these comments are supposed to be funny and sarcastic and not directed at me fully, but just in case it is, or they are halfway serious, let's start at the bottom. And my comments are also meant with amusement and no malice. I am never sarcastic though... ;)

1) Yes I have obviously been reading he wiki, or I wouldn't be asking about board sizes that I can't find on the wiki. Something that one trying to stuff boards where they don't go, would need to know. It is possible I missed them, they were in some secret location only accessible via the dark web. I probably just missed it. I would not be too offended by a "hey idiot try this link out."

2) Plenty of reasons why somebody would need to stuff a board into a stock ECU case. In my case ,I was planning on racing my RV in SCCA. :roll: Okay no not really but I couldn't resist... :lol: But for real I can't find the ECU side plug ANYWHERE AT ALL. And since most of these Speeduino boards don't come with a case, but a factory ECU includes a case and a FREE plug, kinda makes sense.

3) More options added into the engine bay won't have factory plugs there waiting for them. So do what the factory does, make an additional harness. Easy. Original harness left alone. Cheating? Probably, but so is stuffing ecu boards inside of factory cases to circumnavigate racing rules.

4) Actually by changing the distributer and its plug, the stock harness supports now supports the signals the ECU needs for COP. We will ignore the irony that I need to still use a distributer to get the signals for COP... I suspect I might need a harness for the COP coils though. :cry: I have met some of these tech inspectors. Pretty sure I can sneak that by them as long as I appropriately age the harness to match.

5) Thank you for reminding me about the gearbox. I wonder if a newer one would help with fuel economy? Humm.... I could delta my OD switch too... Or make the AC compressor kick on and off when more than say .75g is detected in the slalom course. But for real on the gearbox, that is an interesting thought...

6) I think even the least competent tech inspector will notice no throttle cable and a DBW. I will pass on that. Besides it would be hard to program it for junk crashing around in the house as I am running the slalom.

7) Okay ignoring the fact that most installers I have met ARE morons, there actually are plenty of good reasons for asking for a tune file. I will attempt responding seriously to this one.

So I have done gosh knows how many installs. I have lost full hard drives worth of files and data twice. My last count before the first crash was over 150 custom folders. I have 35 newer folders. This doesn't account for ECUs I built and just sold along without customization.

The amount of questions a running tune file solves, and the hours of research it saves, are PHENOMENAL. Now any installer thinking that this file for a NA car will be safe to put on their customer's turbo car, deserves everything that happens to them. :twisted:

And remember too all customers think showing up with an RV and expecting it to be such a common thing that you should already know, or you will need to do 5 more installs on the next few weeks, so obviously you should spend hours and hours and days and more researching. because you will do it again next week and THAT customer is magically going to pay for the first install's research. Reality being you will never see another, or be smart enough to charge triple just so they will go away. Or be dumb and pay. True story there is a stupid customer tax. Ask any mechanic.

You left out a good one. I can't tell you how many times people brought me badly running cars thinking a new ecu would fix their blown head gasket, fried coils, or any other odd issues they could pretend didn't exist before the install. If the car isn't running when they bring it in, I can guarantee it will cost them double what they think it should just to start it!

But back to my intent here. I don't need to utilize Speeduino and it makes more sense for me to dump my engine bay harness and do a quick custom MegaSquirt install. I could easily build a new harness in 2-3 days. But, I am trying to make this an exercise that can be repeated by my fellow Toyota RV enthusiasts.

Many of them are not big time tuner gear head types. For them the interest is "Some whacker said I could double my MPG with this!" Normal motorhomes get 8mpg it seems across the board. Our micro Toyota RVs are known for 12-15 mpg. Now looking at the antique engine management and the crappy 1980's choices made, I think this number would be easy to GREATLY improve upon. And if one added a turbo, even more economy AND power.

I have $200 worth of goodies sitting in my Speeduino store cart, including a wideband controller. If I find the right combo that makes this repeatable for that magic range of $200-300, I think even some of the less gear head kinda fellow RV nutcases might attempt to do this (with a good enough roadmap to follow). Now for a fully plug in ready to go solution, I could probably double that price and it would still be worth it for many.

At $200, I am willing to take that plunge and build a system I haven't used before. If I like it, cool. I can potentially sell it along, help a fellow RVer out, and afford to go make two more. I sell 3-5, and I can probably afford to put the turbo on.

Another reason to have an ECU that just plugs in. I am going to have either a factory ecu in my RV, a MegaSquirt, or a Speeduino. And proving the MPG thing might require me putting the stock ECU back in. Obviously before I have made extensive changes like swapping injectors or adding a turbo.
I thought of another reason having a tune file is nice. I live in Florida. I don't get many chances to tune cold warmup... I might see 30-40 once or twice. Yet I can get a good feel for where and how a warmup curve is going to go, by the other spots I can tune. While those outliers won't be as accurate, a competent tuner can look at everything and get pretty close.

Not worried about it for my own usage, as I will have a laptop and the ability to fix it if need be. But passing untuned cold start on to others, especially if it is way out of the park, is a potential problem.
By stum
have a read of my 3vz-fe post. a few years old now. I have included a link earlier.

I used a V0.4.x board in the standard case and plug at some point. Had my toyota camry (be very simular to your 22RE) up running and smoking the tires in about 2 hours. using the standard loom, dizzy........

All bits purchased from the Speeduino store in Australia

I also included a link for the toyota ODBI plug/board, which I assume the 22RE is, and will plug into using 3 of the 4. and it travels 1/2 way around the world to me in under a week.

That will answer a lot of your questions.

Just do it. Even better if you have a spare ECU and Dizzy to butcher.
That plug covers the Toyota 4EFTE. I need the earlier 4AGE or 22RE version. Mine needs the 10T 18T 14T. Verified a few times and several different sources that it doesn't fit. But that's okay. As mentioned, I do have the spare ecu.
By stum
arrr.... Yes..... Looked a bit deeper into your plug. Sounds like the spare ECU may have to give up its Plug.

Im not sure about the Distributor pickup, but it seams most toyota's of the period use a twin pickup, one with 24 teath (crank angle) and the other a TDC #1 (or simular). My 3VZ had 3 Pickups. Can be a bit of fun....

Well my initial plan of attack is a prototyping and testing one. Coming from years of working with MS, I have tons of DB37 plugs on hand, both sides. (yeah I know not the perfect automotive plug to use, but I have myself put a couple hundred K on them.) So I am going to slice 22RE PCB up, leaving enough there for nicely holding the plug and securing it to the case. I will then utilize it and the case as basically a DIYBOB. While not how I really want my final setup to be, I have a nice unused labeled wiring kit from DIYAutotune. I can remote mount the ECU somewhere else for even easier access. Using the DB37s I have on hand means I can make it plug right into a MegaSquirt (also plenty on hand) or a Speeduino (still need to get one, and I will be!).

This lets me start off with a MegaSquirt system I am 100% familiar with and get the truck back online in a day or two. I can get a basic tune on it and sort out all the setup issues first. At least then I will know everything underlying is working as intended, and then I can sort out the unfamiliar Speeduino territory without worrying about a non-running vehicle.

While I could leave enough of the factory stuff in there to swap right back to the factory ECU, the goal is to eliminate stuff like the very restrictive flap meter, and upgrade the fuel injectors and oxygen sensor situation. I believe this is where the poor power and fuel economy can be greatly improved upon.

Once running on MS, I can then eliminate all of those restrictive Toyota issues first. And in fact that will give me another spare Toyota ECU for modding come to think of...

Also with MS initially in place, I am again working with a platform I know inside and out and can hunt down any issues with the vehicle side of the setup, knowing I am chasing those and NOT ECU setup issues. Kinda backwards approach, but intelligent since I know and have that all on hand already.

And in case this was missed, I am actually talking with one of the board developers to get a 22RE option in play. My initial intent of this thread was simply to 100% verify that no such option was already out there and that I wasn't wasting his time and mine, or my funds helping him to develop it. Still in the talking stage,s and I don't know what direction he will take this in. So in the meantime, I am also planning to move forward in my understanding of the Speeduino platform and looking to put together my own system to try out, and have a possible direction to go if his direction goes elsewhere.

But honestly I am here because I believe in what Speeduino is doing. And it is what made MegaSquirt HUGE. I was there in the early days of MS. I miss them. MS got away from their roots. They have grown into an AMAZING system and a seriously awesome network and resource. But, they are no longer at that underdog grassroots development stage. There are amazing professional level racers utilizing MegaSquirt out in places like the salt flats for Speed Week and world speed records. It is no longer fringe. And its price point, is also no longer fringe.

I don't want to knock MS or their success. I congratulate it fully! But let's be honest, I couldn't afford to buy the most basic MS3 system out there now to 'squirt a lawnmower just because. While they do have cheaper options, they all come at a cost that is also more than I would want to pay for an experiment. And I want the quality and features of MS3 now. Im spoiled by them. Maybe Speeduino isn't quite there yet, but it will be soon and I suspect it will surpass in a few years. And even if not, when I can put an ECU into something silly for $200, it opens the world of exploration back up.

I thought long and hard about my user name.... I easily could have used the one I use on the MS forums. I am really well known there. I could have used others that connected me back to that community and some of what I helped to create over the years. But this is a fresh project and a fresh slate. Not hiding and anyone that really wanted to could easily figure out the connection (or ask in PM) but I didn't want to be immediately connected to that. I will continue to install MegaSquirt systems when the occasion arrives. In fact I am installing another one for a friend, that's actually what got me interested in the Speeduino. He is the one with a Miata.

Speeduino though could actually put me back in the game. MegaSquirt has gone in a direction where I could no longer just do it for fun, or do installs for the type of customer base I built my old MegaSquirt business on. Speeduino is at a fun price point, and also one where I can get back into this. But it is starting out the gate already MUCH better off than MS did. There are a lot of PNP options and focus on making more, that set into a much higher level of interest to somebody like myself. I could potentially do an install in a couple days now, instead of a month or more.

Unless installing on a well known and proven car platform, with a very specific and proven recipe to follow, a MegaSquirt install and custom harness was never a couple day job.
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