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Hello guys and galls!

Running into some issues with my UA4C with 202103 firmware and trying to figure out if I messed up. (probably)
Using direct ignition coils from Granatelli which are a drop in replacement for Ford Ecoboost 2.0/2.3 (2012 Focus/RS) 3 pins: 12V, ground and trigger, I put 12V and ground on them and when hitting the trigger pin with a 5V I get a spark so I setup Spark Output triggers to Going High.
Started out with wasted spark and got a spark when cranking, changed to sequential (still got sync in TS so both crank and cam sensors are working) and no spark, after a while coils got pretty hot ~50C so checked some stuff and the 5V ignition signal stays high after first cranking. (was low before starting cranking)
Schermafbeelding 2021-05-08 om 08.28.09.png
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Schermafbeelding 2021-05-08 om 08.27.56.png
Schermafbeelding 2021-05-08 om 08.27.56.png (52.8 KiB) Viewed 815 times
The tooth log seems missing it's header but this is how TS saved it for me, data is still inside but my cam doesn't show up btw.
I started out with a fresh install and even cleared the eeprom before uploading firmware, filled in all settings by hand to make sure nothing silly got loaded from an old tune...
Schermafdruk van 2021-05-07 16-41-59.png
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Check with Granatelli; but I'm pretty sure the those coils dwell with high signal, and fire going low. This assumption is backed by your coils getting hot. You may have fried outputs or coils, so I would test both to check before trying again.

When testing the coils again, I would enable and use Hardware Test in TunerStudio for single test firings. You can test manually like you did before, but it's not the contact high that counts, but what happens when you break the connection to the trigger terminal. This is one way to avoid being tricked by contact or "switch" bounce, and physical contacts inevitably give poor initial contact such as shown by this:

switch_bounce.jpg (18.27 KiB) Viewed 763 times

This contact bounce can cause a spark at any spike, making it seem like it's firing going high. Even quality switches have contact bounce. So, use a hard contact material to test (not a frayed or stranded wire), apply the contact to the tip-edge of the terminal (it may spark), and hold for a moment to ensure there are no more sparks. Then cleanly pull the contact off the terminal without rubbing or scraping.

If it sparks, the coil is working, and it fires going low. If it does not spark, repeat the test, and if no spark with contact on or off, the coil may be toast. Contact Granatelli for further testing instructions. If no joy, post again here.

Of course if you use Hardware Test, and your outputs are working, it will be a clean make/break for definitive testing. ;) Don't stress your coils with more than a few sparks either way.
Thanks for pointing out the "bounce" option your right didn't think about that! Will test again with hardware test in TS, most probably the no spark is related to my cam sensor since that's not showing up in tooth log, still strange that TS is showing full sync then.

I checked all hardware and both board and coils are still functioning, coil still sparks on manual puls and UA4C output stil switching between 0 and 5V and there is actually a problem I think, why are my ignition outputs 0V before cranking and 5V after cranking? (on all 4 outputs nomather what setting going LOW or going HIGH)
Or is this normal behaviour if cam signal is missing while sequential is selected?

ps: Using TS hardware test shows a spark on pressing OFF so it fires going low :-)

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