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By riky
Guys i can't figure out how to connect 0261210104 crank sensor from fiat punto gt. The issue is that i can't find any proper manual and get sensor working. I don't know if my jumpers are set correctly. On megasquirt forum i found that guy only wired signal and ground wire to connector.

How should i wire that connector, i tried many ways but nothing is not working. What i do wrong!?
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If this is a VR sensor and you have connected it without a conditioner you may have damaged your Arduino.

Hope you have a spare.

There are ways to figure out if you have either sensor but you generally check this first before connecting it so you don't cause damage.

And that part number is 100% a VR sensor not a Hall sensor.
How should i set my pull up jumpers then if it's VR sensor?
Here is my base tune if somebody can check it please?

Do i need to set 5v or 12v then with jumpers

So if i get right i need to connect
1 pin on VR1+
2 pin on VR1 -
3 pin on GND
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