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By Adam Martin
As I currently understand, I have 8x high current outputs, 4 injectors, 4 sparks. From the stock setup in the NB I can use sequential injection and 2ch wasted spark, this would leave me 2x high current outputs?

Quite honestly, if the ULN is as simple to add on as the guide suggests, and they only cost a few pence, I would rather pop one in. Who knows what extra goodies I might want to add in the future. ;)
By Sneip
Yes the article describes the installation of the ULN2803. I did not want to cut any pins from the IC. Therefore I soldered an additional connector inside the proto area to place the ULN2803 on the additional board.

I have designed the board myself but I have a little problem with the alternator control. That's why I'm currently using my board together with the board from Westfield for the alternator control which was also mentioned in a previous post.

Since I currently have little time to revise the board and the ordering and testing of a new design also takes some time, the board will probably not be ready before the end of April.

The only thing I could offer at the moment would be the board with the ULN assembled.
By Adam Martin
No worries, I have bought the relevant parts to tack one in to the proto area, I will probably just bend the spare pins so they point upwards and heat shrink them, assign them for future purposes.

I think I’m getting my head around all of this now! I made a spreadsheet of all the factory harness connections, then worked out a pin to pin from the speeduino wiki. Couple of pins to the cluster that are unknown, probably not important anyway.

Injectors: I take it I can go full sequential by using 1, 2, 3 & 5 on speedy?

Can I use pin 43 for knock or will that require extra stuff?

Also ordered all the bits for my RFID immobiliser, excited to see how that goes.
By Adam Martin
It’s a 0.4.3c

Speeduino wiki says pin 1 is injector 1-1, pin 2 is injector 2-1, 3 is 3-1 and 5 is 4-1. So many people seem to just use pin 1,2,39,40 for injectors, which appear to just be 2 pins per out.
By theonewithin
The 2 pins are to help with current draw.

Should be attached to each injector.

And just a note, those pin numbers are NOT the same as what is in TS just an FYI.
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Adam Martin wrote:
Mon Mar 08, 2021 8:36 am
It’s a 0.4.3c

Speeduino wiki says pin 1 is injector 1-1, pin 2 is injector 2-1, 3 is 3-1 and 5 is 4-1. So many people seem to just use pin 1,2,39,40 for injectors, which appear to just be 2 pins per out.
The paired injector pins (e.g., 1-1 & 1-2) are for handling current, not separate outputs. All of the pins should be connected for each used injector channel, regardless of the number of injectors on a single channel. See one explanation here: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=3935&p=42836&#p42836
By theonewithin
Adam Martin wrote:
Mon Mar 08, 2021 11:51 am
Cool, so I pair 1+40, 2+39, 3+4, 5+6.

I’m not following exactly what you mean by TS not matching though, could you elaborate please?
The pun numbers in Tunerstudio do not refer to the 40 pin IDE cable.

They refer to the pins on the Mega itself.

Just an FYzi.
By Adam Martin
Ahh, yes! I get you now! I had already spotted that from the speeduino schematic, very important info that I nearly missed!

I was going through because I didn’t trust tunerstudios “board default” so I have changed the fuel, fan etc. To the actual PIN numbers.

Also found the “programmable outputs” section, set the VICS output to ‘go high’ at 5400rpm, it’s assigned to the boost pin, which is a high current output anyway, is it capable or does it need to go through the ULN too?
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