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By AutismoEXE
So I've spent some time googling and looking around but I can't seem to find anything that points me in the right direction.

With my TPS hooked up and plugged it, my battery voltage shifts with my TPS on TS, but when I unplug the TPS my voltage is correct.
My TPS is wired correctly, and seems to be functional at least. The ground for it is direct from the UA4C, and the 5v Ref pin is only being used my the TPS.

Essentially what's happening is that with it at 0 throttle, in TS it will show my battery voltage at 8 volts even though I'm holding 13.9 easily, and the voltage will go up with the tps, for example 17V with the TPS maxed out. I'm not sure what kind of problem I'm dealing with and any ideas would be fantastic.

Am I dealing with a bad board or arduino? Or do I have a bad TPS. Or is there something else going on
My first instinct is its wired incorrectly. Also assuming the engine runs to get 14v.

I think the test for the 3 wires, is the one that shows variable ohms to the other two wires, will be signal. The positive and negative will work either way around.

if the engine is not running, then check you have the correct board selected.

Don't forget to re calibrate the TPS when resolved. :)
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By AutismoEXE
The TPS is wired correctly, and works properly. my problem isint the TPS itself, but the board for some reason showing my battery voltage in relation to the TPS's Position. To clarify, at a running voltage of 14V, with TPS unplugged shows correctly, with it plugged in, it shifts with TPS's position. (0%TPS-8Volts on battery in TS, 100%TPS-17Volts on battery in TS)
I have checked my board and cant find anything wrong with it, no connection between the TPS, 5V, or 12V circuits.
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By gpineau
I'm gonna take a wild guess and say the board type is wrong or the battery sense pin on arduino is mapped to something else.
I would meter the TPS signal and see if it mimics the BAT voltage reading you are getting on tuner studio. Else start probing other pins on arduino to see if any of the follow TPS.

Good luck.
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By AutismoEXE
The board type is correct, and the pins show proper voltages. Arduino works normally, checking the pins with a sketch just reading the analog pins.
Just to be clear, the car does run, the tps shows up properly (I can calibrate it and the throttle moves with the tps) the tps signal wire shows only a max of about 4.8V which is well within spec. I believe its something on the software side or my particular board.

I've attached my firmware and tune below
(1 MiB) Downloaded 17 times
(335.47 KiB) Downloaded 18 times
it could be corruption in the tune.

Can I suggest you perhaps start another project in TS, clear the eeprom, load a base tune, set the config, (but in the first instance do not use the progammable outputs). You can export the three main tables from your old tune, and import them into the new project.
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