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By gpineau
Looks a little better, don't you think?

I found some black cloth tape that does not stick very well but it is easy to work with. But when your finished and hit it with a heat gun it sort f accts like shrink tubing and gets all soft and sticky then sticks very well.
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By gpineau
Let me preface this posts with this information. The ECU is a NO2C that I salvage from an older project. . No miss-wires, just a few open circuits . I found maybe 4 open wires where the crimp tool cut the wire but left enough insulation to make it look/feel good.
There is no IAT, CLT, MAP, wideband or O2 sensor....I haven't tried to calibrate the TPS yet.

The code is what I downloaded in January and was experimenting with for the secondary plates. The last time this board was used was on a 1987 Honda magna for fuel only. The spark had never been used. The tune on it is speed density from the Honda magna project. I had to add the Jumper to provide pull up for the coils and a jumper for pull up for the HALL sensor.
God only knows what the crank timing, dwell, and other settings The rest of the tune is probably very bizzare. But I couldn't help but to give it a try. Power on behaves they way it should. I can hear the main power relay pick, then a second later speeduino picks the fuel pump relay for 5 seconds then turns it off then I can hear the injector pick for a half a second for prime.

No surprise, it don't run but... it actually turns over and tries to fire. It too most of the day to sort out the wiring but I am very encouraged at the moment. I will sleep well tonight.

Brought the ECU it inside and loaded the last tune I had for the other Kawasaki project. That should overwrite any bad settings like crank angle, spark, and fuel. Went in and set the injectors to the correct setting and set the recommended dwell.
I'm waiting on UPS to bring me my IAT ad CLT sensors, I still need to wire up the wideband controller, get a fuel supply and pump hooked up... Wife is on vacation this week so I am limited in my "garage play" time.
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By gpineau
Going bonkers trying to wire up a Bosch LSU4.9 to a spartan OEM controller. I keep getting the pinout backward because most diagrams on the net are looking into the LSU male connector and I am truing to wire up the mating female connector.
I think I have it right now. If you have done this before check my work.

On the same note. I have o couple of the TTGO ESP32 display modules that I am thinking of mounting in the same enclosure with the Spartan board and make a Wideband controller and Lamda display all in one box. Also on my mind is using the serial port to grab some data from speeduino to log or display. And further down the road use the TTGO as the widband controller without the need of the spartan 2.
Sometimes your brain will run off into the weeds unless you stay stopit.
Spartan-LSU connetion.jpg
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By gpineau
Had just enough time today to get the O2 bung in place and welded. My welding sucks, especially hard for me because the bung is thick and the tail pipe in very thin. Ugly but it's good enough.

The place I chose was about 20 inches from the exhaust port and a couple inches before the crossover and muffler attachment. On the last bike I put it behind all the piping and almost where the muffler attached. On this bike that was not available because of a heat shield that was not there on the previous bike.

Just accepted a part time job at the airport so my play time will be cut in half.
I decided because of time to just use the Spartan2 OEM stand alone for the wideband controller and forgo my daydreaming discussed earlier.
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By gpineau
Since all quiet in the cheering section I am going to trust my interpretation of the 14Point7 documentation and I wired up the wideband controller and printed a little case for it. I think it will look nice on the dash of my motorcycle. Hoping I can squeeze it in just below the clock. If that wont work I will probably just hide it somewhere.

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By gpineau
Having second thoughts about cutting a hole in my dash just to see an LED that tells me very little information about AFR. I think the flashing LED function was more a debug tool during development rather than something useful for the end user..

A more useful function of the LED would be to indicate AFR...Flashing=too lean, OFF= too rich, ON SOLID= close to deal AFR.

So I will mount it in the rear of the bike near the ECU under the seat.
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By gpineau
I've got the bike running but not well. While messing with connecting the MAP sensor I touched against the silicone adapter between the Throttle bodies and the head. You can feel it flexing under the vacuum on each intake stroke. You think that is going to be a problem and maybe skew the MAP readings?
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If they are flexing, it likely will not greatly affect MAP, but may soften and "average" the MAP as it flexes. If possible, shorten or reduce the flex area. A test for flex effects could be to temporarily add a hose clamp, wire wrap, or other binder around the flexing area of the boot to reduce flexing, in order to see the effect on MAP with before-and-after logs. It's always interesting to see how theory and real-world come together… or not. :lol:
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By gpineau
Got my bike running yesterday morning. Idle is really rough but it is responsive to the throttle. I didn't push it past 3500 RPM. Troublesome it that it is belching lots of white/gray smoke from both tail pipes. Took a few minute log and shut it off because of the smoke. It was not smoking like this when I brought it in the garage with carburetors last fall. I haven't added any oil so it is not over full.

The code I am using was downloaded in December. The tune was from my first Kawasaki project and that code was about 9 months old. The code I am using was downloaded in December

Got this advice from 2CVIPG "often there is a memory structure change for new releases.
probably the way forward (though not necessarily the solution), is to Start a new Project, clear the EEPROM, use a base tune from 202012, import your main tables from your old tune. set rest of the config to the new engine."

So I aborted the December code and the Old tune from the other bike and started over with the latest firmware. (202103).
loaded speeduino base tune and started with moving the old VE, SPARK, and AFR tables from the other bike. Then manually input the engine constants and other configuration settings. Nothing like starting over....NOT!

By abandoning the code I was using (December) I also lost the integration of the Secondary Throttle Plate control code.
So ...... rather than re-integrate that code over and over on each firmware update I will revisit the idea of having the Secondary Throttle Plates controlled by another dedicated processor. Starting with a UNO but don't know where I will end up with before I am finished.

I have some standalone code that I was using to calibrate and control the secondary plates so i will start with that. Then I need to add the communications to speeduino to fetch the RPM an TPS values. Then do the lookup for the needed plate position and do the control loop like before. I'm sure this has been done before .

SO the tasks are.
@ get the UNO to controlling the plates (again).
@ port the control loop from the previous implementation.
@ make the look up table based on TPS/RPM
@ write a serial task to get the RPM and TPS information from speeduino.

I have a rudimentary sketch running. Sending 'A' and getting returned info but that is as far as I have got. I see several projects of smart dash, logging applications, and what-not in the forums. Just now diving into parsing the data returned from speeduino. Could use some advice, warnings about any gotyas, etc.

ANYONE with experience with the language spoken by SERIAL3 please stand up.
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