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By rallikuski
kettlekev wrote:
Tue Jan 12, 2021 7:01 pm
Question about required fuel.

From my setup...
required fuel.PNG

In the calculate required fuel box at the top, why are there 2 numbers? What's the difference?
Second number depends what you have at number of squirts...
By kettlekev
Thanks...makes sense I think, so that is the per injector figure, the other number is the total if there was one injector?

I am still trying to work out Speedy estimates the fuel volume to inject (and therefore based on injector flow, the opening time).

I know its based on BHP, fuel SG, AFR number etc. but other calculators seem to give way different numbers.

Just trying to get a feel for a start time/number.
By kettlekev
I've got everything together for ignition only but cant get the bike to run. It just misfires.

I am assuming the carbs are correct because it worked last week on standard ignition.

I have done:

All wiring checked (ignition only system)
Spark on all plugs (therefore ignition trigger module working)
Speeduino ignition lights fire in sequence (1,2,3).
Crank wheel timing set with timing disc (190 deg ATDC, rising edge)
Spark table set

I can only assume my spark table is off or my original crank angle measurement is out.

Is there a way Megalog viewer could help with this?

Any simple steps I can take? It seems to just fire on one or two then almost lock up for a second (flooding?).
By LAV1000
Check whit timing gun if spark happens at the right time at the right cylinder.
Maybe get sparkplugs out but keep them connected to ground and cut fuel off.
This way it is easier on starter and you wont be flooding sparkplugs, sparkplugs don't like this.
By kettlekev
Using the strobe, and attached to cylinder one and using its timing mark. it looks like my timing point if changing.

First turn over, cylinder 1 looks close. Stop the engine and start again then the timing moves. Stop and start again and it moves again.

I am questioning my setup now but it looked OK on the scope. Why would it move? I will try to generate a log later.....
spark8.PNG (130.06 KiB) Viewed 494 times
By LAV1000
Does it also happen when you set it to 4 stroke instead of 2 stroke ?
Since 2 stroke is not a common setting and not used a lot there could be fault somewhere.
By kettlekev
I think I tried that before, then the firing order is wrong.

Set as a 4 stroke it fires, 1,2,3, 1,2,3 as far as I can see on the scope and wasted spark gives me spark on 1/4, 2/5,3/6 as paired sparks which works for my 1,2,3 scenario.

I have logged 2 files

I am a bit new to the Mega log so dont really know what it is telling me yet.....

The first log is several stop starts and the second one (TEST3) should be a continuous run (although both very short as on the starter motor).

I had the rename the .mlg files at .TXT to get them to upload.

I've just done another log (TEST4) which seems more stable but the timing looks to be around 120 degrees off?
(87.55 KiB) Downloaded 25 times
(97.99 KiB) Downloaded 24 times
EDIT: Imagining the crank as a clock face. Cylinder 1 has a timing mark at 12 O'clock. When I strobe it it is at about 7 O'clock.

As far as I know there are two main things that change that during cranking.
1. The trigger wheel angle setup. I measured mine at 190 degrees
2. The cranking advance, which is used during cranking and over rides the spark table.

I have cranking RPM set to 100.

I tried 2 things to try to change the 7 0'clock timing issue;
1. Changed the trigger wheel angle setup to 130 degrees
2. Changed the crank advance to zero (I normally spin over at 400_+).

Neither seemed to change the timing point?? Its a little erratic (moves) so I cant be sure but on average it seems to stay at 7 O'clock.....Surely it should move?
(99.78 KiB) Downloaded 24 times
By kettlekev
Summary of the project this far.

I've struggled (still struggling bit) with sync loss due to ignition noise affecting speeduino - still working on that.

I worked out that my old Kettering style coils wont work well with programmable dwell (too higher resistance/low current) so bought some 0.5 ohm Dynatek ones (thanks lav1000).

They work very well with the Bosch 211 clone trigger and I found a good dwell calculator to run the calcs for dwell and duration of spark.
(579.71 KiB) Downloaded 19 times
This helped me set up the basic starter numbers and adjust the compensation curve. The dynateks are optomised at around 13.5v which gives a dwell of 2.8ms, so for now I have made that 100% on the curve but might adjust it when I now the normal battery running voltage.

I've set spark at an average of 2.2ms from the program.

So ignition side is done once I finish the noise issue. Speedy can handle a 2 stroke, 3 cylinder 750cc engine :D
By kettlekev
Quick update.

New 0.5 ohm coils and the Bosch 211 trigger all worked out OK with Speeduino

My current settings are below. My initial voltage compensation curve centers around 13v's but when fully running with a stable battery voltage I will tweak that.
first run dwell.PNG
first run dwell.PNG (135.1 KiB) Viewed 303 times
The dwell/spark settings are all from the calculator I posted earlier so will probably need tweaking on the dyno.

So far I am impressed with the Dynatek coils.

I've still got some high rev ignition noise causing the odd sync loss so that is this weekends project. :rolleyes:
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