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By Vasilis Rousis
Hi all first post here in the forum. I am looking to install speeduino on a 96 suzuki alto. Mpi 1000 cc G10B engine. Main reason for this to have firstly an overview of the engine without special diagnostic tools etc. Second I have already installed an aisin amr500 compressor but suzuki old electronics refuse to collaborate.
I have worked with arduino in other projects and I believe it will be an easy fit.
I will start with a ecu swap and after everything is working fine I will try to add compressor and other features.
I purchased an speeduino version 4c from ebay although I haven't understand the difference and now I am reading and planing my next steps.
I believe a wide band is my next purchase to make my life easier.
I was thinking to use suzuki trigger and distributor to minimize fail points.
Also I am trying to find stores that sell ecu sockets as I will like keep the roll back option.
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By Vasilis Rousis
For those that ask why alto it's a small car that I can spare as 2nd easy to find with cheap parts and light. Also engine swap to a g13b would have been an easy hp gain but I like small cc sleepers. :D
By dazq
The alto are tiny little cars so go like stink when turbocharged :-)

Finding a new source for ECU connectors can be tricky though not impossible.
Many just get an old ECU and remove the connector.
Can you post an image of the connector to help identifying it further?
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By Vasilis Rousis
There is some slow progress
I got a 0.4.4b board and box and after some search I believe that Mazda mx5 ECU sockets are the one for me.


Also this the current draft installation of engine and compressor
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By Vasilis Rousis
I will like to ask as a general guide should I purchase an wide lamda sensor ?
Will VAG group wide Bosch do the job?
Anything else that you will suggest?
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By jonbill
hard to tune without one, bosch lsu 4.9 is the one. but a sensor isn't much use with out a controller, so you need that too.

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