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By Jcrotts
I have some questions for a project I have had for quite a while. I have a 1991 Dodge Shadow that I swapped a 6g72 into. They came with the 12 valve version in 1992, but I put a single cam 24 valve engine in from a 2001 Chrysler Seebring. Seeing that it was an obd II engine, I'm wondering what the compatibility with Speeduino will be? I know the 4g63 pattern will work with the 6g72, but I dont know how much difference is in the trigger pattern and sensors between obd I & II. Is it possible to switch to an earlier distributor for the trigger wheel if needed or will they not interchange? I also have a pair of turbos from a 3000 gt VR4 I would like to mount 8-) . Info for 80's and 90's Chrysler performance is getting hard to find. I have been slowly working on this car for 6 years (you wouldn't believe how hard a decent manual transmission with the right gear ratios was to find), so if anyone has any links to info or parts related to a swap like this, I'll name my first born after you as thanks.
By theonewithin
Paragraphs please!

It is very hard to clearly understand what your question is.

You say the 4G63 pattern works with the 6G72 but I don't know how you came to that conclusion as the 4G63 pattern is designed around a 4 cylinder engine so may not work.

If you are asking what sensors ect you need to change, that is something you will need to work out yourself.

Read through the wiki. It details what works with Speeduino. You can use a multimeter or even some good Googlfu to find your answers.
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