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By brainz
trying to turbo my 3rz-fe and control with speeduino

cam and crank setup is compleetly unclear/ not sur if its just a setup thing.

so far i think its a 36-2 crank with single pulse cam .
as for decoding best i got was a burst of ignition looking pulses but still unclear

pls hlp thx
datalog ....(kinda)
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By stum
By looking at that, the tooth log in Tuner studio would not look pretty. Until you get that close you will be chasing your tail
Attached is a scope pattern from my VR conditioner. Nice clean even teath. This is a 12-1 pattern. I do not run a sync trigger.

In the trigger log all your teach should be close to same hight, with 1 big one for the missing.


Here is a good link to what you are looking to achieve. And good content from others on here (below)

viewtopic.php?f=18&t=4440&p=47822&hilit ... log#p47822
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Great, I might buy one now

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