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Hi guys!

I'm working on converting my MG's old 4 cylinder to programmable electronic ignition using Speeduino. EFI may follow at some point in the future, but at this point I'm just looking to replace my distributor.

From the reading I've done so far it seems I need:

Speeduino (with MAP sensor)
Hall effect sensor
Trigger wheel
Coil pack

From what I can tell more or less any 36/1 trigger wheel will do, but I'm not sure what/where to get for a hall effect sensor or coil pack. There are a cornucopia of options available at a nightmare of different pricepoints - and while I know what to look for in a dizzy or traditional coil this is all uncharted territory...

I'm also not sure whether there is value in me adding other sensors to the mix - IAT or TPS for instance? A knock sensor maybe??

Any and all info appreciated... If there is something I should have read before posting this (other than the wiki which I've had a good look through) please let me know also.

Thanks in advance!
Trigger sensor selection is very much based on what space etc you have to fit it.
If space on the crank is tight you can fit your wheel at cam speed.
You don't have to use a hall effect sensor also ,you could use a vr type which are often smaller and cheaper ( though you need a conditioner module).
Tps and CLT would be good to fit now.
If you are going to efi later you might as well fit them all.
Coil wise ,a good choice for 4cyl wasted spark is the smart VW type, iirc jama sells these in UK and turboedge does in US complete with connector.

There is no knock support in speedy.
Thanks for the info - is there a particular advantage to using hall effect over VR? (other than needing a conditioner)

Is TPS more useful than MAP for controlling ignition in an NA car do you think? I suppose since I'm used to old school tech I didn't really consider it as an alternative, rather than a complement vacuum. What would the CLT be used to control?

For the coil recommendation is this the VW smart coil you're referring to? https://www.efihardware.com/products/26 ... lt-Igniter (I'm in Aus so that's a more local supplier for me)

I'm also curious as to whether I could add a wideband to be viewed in real time somehow (laptop?) I don't really want to add an AFR gauge to the old MG as it would look out of place, but being able to tune in the mix under load would be handy.
Some say hall effect are easier to use and give a better response at low rpm.

I can't say there is any advantages(not having done such a setup) but it may help understand your setup better especially as you plan to go efi.

Yes that is the coil I mentioned. You might be able to source one from a breakers ,that way you can get the connector and some leads to experiment with(before buying new).

Yes you can watch the wideband output in TS rather than on a dash display, many do myself included! Connect it to speedy and select the correct type in the configuration on TS .
nice project. You may an inductive sensor with a 36-1 wheel, will work just fine. They are more reliable and robust than Hall. You will find loads of them with GM/ Holden cars, starting at 10$ new aprox.
Forget about knock sensing, these engines are too loud mechanicaly, you will get all kinds of signals, but not what you want to hear.
A wide band lambda is the first step in real tuning. Do not be alarmed when you see only dead rich mixture. This is why these engines are low output, high consumption. Rich always works... with engines and girls.
I suppose you have some siamesed ports on the engine, it would be interesting to even these out, using sequential injection. If possible keep the old distributor to give a cam signal for this option. You only need one notch at the distributor to tell the ECU which cylinder is firing.
Good luck!

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