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Any questions you have before you begin buying, building and installing.
Hi all,

So I've got a fj20et engine im trying to upgrade. I'm wondering if i can get away with buying one of the prebuilt Miata boxes and a harness and redo the programming for my set up?
Sorry for the silly question. But new to the idea of doing my own tuning. I kinda suck at soldering.
Most of the speeduino retailers will sell you a completed unit so you are not just limited to using a Miata MX-5 unit if you don't want to .
Even if you do want to use the PNP Miata unit on another engine type no "reprogramming" is needed just setup the config in TS .the only thing that really makes it PNP is the connector choice.
Don´t ever expect identical connectors to have the same wires connected to the engine components!

Even for the Miata there are quite some different PNP ECU´s available.

If you do not like soldering and there is no P&P Ecu for your EXACT engine, best advice is to have it made by someone. Otherwise you most probably will just waste money. Don´t even think about Speeduino if you do not want to solder quite some wires with perfekt quality joints , maybe 30-50. Only one soldering point done wrong and the install will not work.

To tell the whole truth, Speeduino is made for people that love to solder wires, PCB´s and connectors.

This is the case for for every aftermarket, non P&P ECU you can buy.

PS tuning the ECU is learning the engines demands, it is much more complicated and time consuming than learning to solder. If your hands can be used and moved precisely, you can learn it on a lazy Sunday. With tuning engines, you learn all your life long. If you do not like to learn, that´s another problem.
Dont be put off :)

Soldering is about quality solder and flux, a reasonable iron, and preparation.

If is not clean, it won't solder properly is the key lesson.

A solder sucker, and wick, are your friends when cleaning up mistakes.

It does. It;s all in the wiki. Pull the trigger.

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