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Help with building your Speeduino, installing it, getting it to run etc.
By RempageR1

I`ve bought the Speeduino v0.4.3c with conditioner and test unit and am having quite some fun with it :D .

The current question I have is regarding triggering. I`m going to fit the Speeduino to a Yamaha V-Max and want to run fuel only. Already have an aftermarket ignition unit that I can tune so that part is covered. Since the V-max basically has four pick-up coils, for which two are in use for the ignition, I have two pick-up coils left. From these, I want to use one to get the RPM for the Speeduino (or plan B would be to get the ignition pulse from cylinder #1). Unfortunately, I cannot find any trigger that is compatible with this setup. Is there anyone who has such a setup and which trigger did you use?

Thanks for all your help!
By RempageR1
Thanks theonewithin,

It took me quite some time to get this right, mainly because the new crank and cam patterns I added to Ardustim didn't have the correct ratio`s.

At the moment, I`m using dual wheel and which triggers fine with both the crank and cam. The only challenge I have is that if you want to run fully sequential, Speeduino needs to know the exact crank angle, not 360 but 720. For that, it needs to know the location of the cam trigger signal with regards to the #1 cylinder TDC. Is there any way to set that?

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By Chris Wolfson
If you run injection only, just choose any value, as you have to find the best injection angle by trying, anyway.
Basically you can look at your installation and estimate the angle from sensor positions, maybe +-15° at worst.
Other ways of dynamic measuring will need some hardware and calculation, that has to be adapted for your set up.
This depends on your tools and your ability to use them. So it is an in situ problem. Don´t get me wrong setting up an injection is one thing, to play around with timing signals, angles and time bases another story.

If in doubt, first get it running batch style, then later go to full sequential. If it has problems in batch mode, you will 100% not cure them going sequential. A fact that is ignored in most cases.
By RempageR1
Thank you for the help. Indeed I`ll likely run batch or paired since what I read the sequential has limited to no advantage.

Still, I wonder how the synchronization works with the cam. In the future I might add ignition (sequential, oddfire without wasted spark), and for that I need to add the cam position to it. Therefore, could someone shed some light on this? Thanks!
By theonewithin
Ignition still doesn't need sequential.

You would run wasted COP mode.

I run an odd fire twin myself. Batch/wasted. Works fine to it's 13500 redline.

Otherwise read the wiki as your question is very broad.

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