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By Egor
Hello everyone, I have a BMW E28 with an M20b20 engine, I assembled a speeduino 0.4 board, I want to use it only for fuel injection, the ignition distributor remains native, so I have a problem with the setting. I can’t start it, it starts to pour fuel from me, then it’s too little. could someone help me with the setup. in my city, no one has done this and can not help.
in engine constants, you select the board to be used. it defaults to 4.0, however, in the past, that hasnt stopped users changing it.

the symptoms you mention are common to having the wrong board selected. its just an elimination question. :)
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By jonbill
Your using the development firmware - you should probably use 202008 unless you've got a specific reason to use the dev build.
Also -
do you really only have 3 injectors? how are they laid out physically and electrically?
how have you connected your distributor to speeduino?
yes, as @jonbill suggests, use 20208 firmware.

The pin you have the fuel pump connected to, does not work with out a modification to the board . As you are not using VVT, its probably best to use the VVT pin for FP. So connect the FP relay ground to the VVT pin. Then, in Accessories, change the VVT pin to 45, and the FP pin to 4. If you do that, and key on, your FP should run for 6 seconds.
By Egor
Here's the startup log, but it never started. I have 6 injectors connected in parallel. the gas pump is connected to the native relay
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