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By danielp3344
So I got my truck running (1988 ford ranger 2.9L). I've taken it on a few drives to tune it and it's doing really well, I think I'll probably take it to work on Monday, but I'm having a starting problem. ASE doesn't seem to work right, right after starting gamma enrichment goes to about %200 and tapers over maybe 10 seconds down to %100. the only way to start the truck is to use flood clear and just ride out the enrichment for a few seconds. After that it drives great. I've set all the ASE values to %100 but it still does it.
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I don't think 100% is 'standard' for use. I think its a 100% increase.
By pazi88
No, 100% = 100% from the ve table, so it means that no enrichments in use.

But for original question. Cranking enrichment is also taken into account on gamma-E. So that's where the increase comes after cranking if ASE is not used. There is taper time in cranking enrichment.
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By danielp3344
My cranking enrichment taper time is set to 2.0 seconds, and it's definitely running rich longer than that.
obviously your both correct and im having a bad day!

your ignition table is upsidedown. you can generate another here


you may want to consider setting the iat density correction back to based tune values if you have been trying to fix the fueling issue there.

my engine struggles to find air when starting, and I think its because it gets stuck in the high map/low revs range. theres more ve there. put your ve table on screen when you start the engine and watch.

if you still have an issue, then post a log of the event, and the tune the log was taken with. :)

Edit Doesnt have to be, but I think MAP may be a better load source for ignition than TPS.
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Actually, Spark Table 1 doesn't look so much upside-down as very retarded. Only as a baseline table to tune for improvement; the image below shows adding 20° from mid-range and up, with startup-transition and load timing dropped at high-MAP/low-rpm, and decel timing blended across. It's still ugly, but more like the timing that type of engine would be happier with, just to get started in tuning ignition.

If planning to use ignition for some of your idle control and recovery (rather than a timing trough), you may want to reduce your warm idle timing a bit more (for now) to provide additional torque-reserve capacity. You'll find the best balance during tuning.

Spark Table 1 in the msq:
danielp3344_SpkTbl1.jpg (179.61 KiB) Viewed 289 times
Quick jacking and blending the timing into rough Ford V6 range, maintaining increased advance for slower burn in low-MAP areas. Use at your own risk. DO NOT run the engine on this table without proper setup and incremental tuning! MAP increase from the original table is likely a bit high, so correct it as you creep into those areas, and apply predictions as you go. Rough mods are loosely based on a similar-design Ford Cologne OHV 4.0L turbo I tuned a long time ago:
danielp3344_SpkTbl1+20&trans&blend.jpg (179 KiB) Viewed 289 times

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