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With quite a few pauses, I have been working on an idea to redesign the original Arduistim firmware/hardware and add an easy to use user interface. Actually, these pauses were/are/ so long, that noisymime has alredy accomplished some of my initial goals. In a great way, I must add.

Wondering if this project can still be of any use to the Speeduino community, I decided to present my work.

User interface:
  • Written in Qt C++ /QML. Cross compiled for Linux, Windows and Android. In theory, MacOS should be supported, too.
  • Communication via USB (UART) and Bluetooth.
  • All test inputs and outputs can be dynamically configured.
  • Graphical representation of the available trigger patterns.
  • Recording of test sequences and ability to replay them.
  • Importing/exporting of test IO configurations.

  • Bluetooth communication using HC-06 module.
The Ecustim board, will be based on the Arduino Mega and should provide (as seen from its side):
  • Variable outputs simulation of automotive sensors such as CLT, MAP, IAT, etc. Based on I2C digital potentiometers. If needed, combined with multiplexers such as TCA9548A.
  • Switchable outputs simulation of triggers such as launch control.
  • Switchable inputs for displaying events such as firing.

  • The core feature of Ardustim, its trigger patterns generation will probably be left as is. I think, it has already proven itself.
  • A robust binary protocol with small payload should be desingned.

Project repository

Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.
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