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By thetoivonen
thetoivonen wrote:
Wed Mar 11, 2020 10:06 pm
Do you know if the 'Idle 2' pin is just an inverted copy of the signal to the 'Idle 1' pin?
Found out the answer to this is yes:
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if(configPage6.iacChannels == 1) { *idle2_pin_port |= (idle2_pin_mask); } //If 2 idle channels are in use, flip idle2 to be the opposite of idle1
idle.ino, line 515 in the 202002 release
By thetoivonen
Big update! Design documents are ready for review. I am going to sit on these for a couple days and spend some time looking for errors, then send to China for prototyping.
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By thetoivonen
Protoypes have arrived!
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