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Any questions you have before you begin buying, building and installing.
By wtb
Hello some questions from a neewbie,Is it possible to use the stock ignitionsystem on volvos B6304 with dual bosch 0 227 100 203 (splitting the outputs ) and use the original cops in wastespark, Im probably gone run a Speeduino 0.4.4

By dazq
Yes Bosch modules are a good cost effective way.
Just ensure your particular type doesn't have internal dwell control (some types do ) as if they do then speedy won't be able to control the dwell for itself.
The newer coils for the 5-6cylinder volvo engines is a direct replacement headwise and are smart ones. Needs aditional wiring though. They are known to hold up to at least 800hp on the sixes. Maybe not the answer you were looking for but can be a cheap opption.
By wtb
I don´t think the 203s have dwell control becasue many companies here in sweden sell them for aftermarket ecu ignitioncontrol and they seem to work great

Yes I know the 601 coils is smart ones and bults right in but the engine is complete with the two 203 ignitors and dumb coils so for me thats the cheapest :)

The biggest concern I have is the splitting of 3 outputs to the two 203 , I´m scared that if i just splitt the outputs the famous smoke will show up :D
If you havent already gotten a board why not get one with ignitiondrivers on it? Where did you get the 0 227 100 203 igniters from? I may have some igniters laying around from old audis if you are intrested for postal cost, Im also located in sweden.
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Wiring for waste-spark with half the IGN channels is straight-forward. Note the addition of 15-ohm resistors to each module's signal input. This reduces electronic harmonic ringing between the two shared devices. Also note that the Speeduino IGN output resistor may require reduction or removal, depending on the specific module used. Some need more current. I would (and have) tried it by just using the extra signal resistors in the wiring, and if it does not spark reliably, reduce the IGN output resistor ohms on the Speeduino PCB until it does. Watch your firing order and coil pairing. ;)

6-CYL_WASTE_SPARK_2_MODULES.png (165.86 KiB) Viewed 962 times
(corrected diagram)
By wtb
Dagaz_psi I haven´t seen any speeduinos with built in ignitors on the board,I want the ignitors to be on the outside anyways because it feels better,The 203 ignitors is original in Volvo 960 with the inline 6 :)

PSIG Thanks that was just what i looked for :)

here is the pdf for the ignitors (Dosn´t say that much to me :lol: ) https://www.bosch-motorsport.com/conten ... IM_3.2.pdf
There are a few user designed boards with igniters on the pcb, pazi_88 got a couple, i have made one to for 7-940. I have rebuilt a 2 of those engines and totaly missed the igniters. I have been planing to make a pnp for the t5 and with this knowlege and some internet reading it dosent seem imposible to make it work with the t6 to.
By dazq
Here are wiring diagrams for three Ch(203 or 209) and 4ch(211) type Bosch modules
IMG_20200701_113500.jpg (1.53 MiB) Viewed 878 times
IMG_20200319_204145.jpg (1014.76 KiB) Viewed 878 times

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