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By totallyKei
So I haven't dug super deep into this because when it happens, nine times out of ten I get stranded, get home some time later and want to be done, haha. However, when it happened today, some interesting things happened. This is how it usually goes.

I'll be running up and down my little test route, cleaning up VE and spark tables. I'm really just trying to learn TunerStudio at this point, and am making progress. Got the old Volvo firing right up when cold. This has happened a few times, but out of nowhere, I'll start to get odd issues. I'll get up in RPMs, and it will just die. Won't start. Unplug from laptop, cycle key, will start right back up. I've noticed that the injector LEDs die, but the crank signal LED is still reading signal. In this weird patch, sometimes when it dies it'll freeze Tunerstudio, or say it's offline. Wait a bit, recycle everything. It'll pull up a difference report, with highlighted boxes and zero changes, or just values missing. Today, I noticed some LEDs stuck on while this was happening. Injectors not firing. No start. Finally after enough on and off it started firing injectors again, but timing seemed wayyyyy nuts, and was either trying to turn the exhaust into a combustion chamber, or spin the motor backwards. Not kidding, was scary. In my frustration I nuked my timing table and tried some random negative number, -40 degrees, set crank timing to -10 and it (kinda?) started right up. I did go look and see if the trigger had changed from going high or low, if anything had flipped, but I saw nothing.

I'm just writing this out as I saw it happen. I'm very green with tunerstudio and speeduino, and a bit frustrated, tired, and headache ailed. If you see anything that I should know, please, let me know. Thanks for reading, as usual.
By dazq
You need to run the log next time you are testing so if it occurs again you can post it up or review yourself.
Also post up your msq when you do so we can see the settings that go with the log.
By totallyKei
Alright, can do. I've been hesitant to run logs because my tune is a nightmare, it's really just been exploration, with no boost. I'll do that tomorrow if I can get it running again, might start from scratch. Are there base maps I should hunt for? I've been using the table generator for VE, then of course adjusting.
Hey, welcome to the forum :)

I had simular corruption to the tune. I think it was caused by shorting on the 5v rail on the board.

When you test run, take your laptop wth you, and then you can reload the tune.
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