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Any questions you have before you begin buying, building and installing.
By Flying Scot
Yeah, grounded Ardu-Stim to pin 10 on the 40 way IDC. I found a circuit schematic for the Speedy V0.4 board on line. Been using this to check my interconnects from the IDC so far everything is as expected. Got a couple of 2.1mm DC Connectors coming so I can supply the Arduino Boards from my bench PSU second channel... should take the load off the USB. Once you load the Speeduino Base Tune.msq file should I burn this basic setup to the Speeduino? The other thing I am wondering is how to connect the pots for the simulation of coolant temp and IAT.... should it be a variable resistance to ground or 5V at one end of the pot ground at the other and the wiper feeding into pin 19 / 20... :)
By dazq
You only need to power the setup via the 12v in to the speeduino. Some sensor inputs and outputs need the 12v supply to operate correctly.
You should not be using the onboard PSU of the mega especially with 12v .

Whilst programming etc it is perfectly ok to use just usb only, but be aware of the effects some inputs and outputs may show as mention above

Sensors such as coolant are simple two wire types that are connected to ground one side, the speedy on the other.
TPS on the other hand ( three wire) use the gnd and +5v with the output to speedy
By Flying Scot
When I run up Tuner Studio both the coolent and the IAT guages go in to the red and stay there. Reading 412 on both. I connected a pot to the coolent and initially it just stayed in the red and then suddenly it jumped to -40 and the pot started working but very erratically.... IAT stays solid in the red all the time Fitted a 10K pot with three wires on ground and +5 and fed the wiper to the TPS and it is sweeping smooth as you like. Also noticed I don't have an O2 guage on the screen. On the IAT and Coolent I checked the connection through the board to the ADC Clamp 2 & 5 and that was all good... also checked the arduino inputs A0 and A1 and I have continuity through to there too. I am guessing I have a bad contact somewhere but not sure where. I set up my function generator to give me a 500Hz square wave at 5V and fed that to the crank input and the board came alive with two ignition LEDs flashing and two Injector Leds Flashing... obviously its not the correct trigger pattern but at least I know that the drive from Ardu-Stim is the problem for what ever reason. I am planning to feed the Ardu-Stim output to a schmit trigger circuit to give it a bit more drive... Why the other leds were not flashing has me beat at the moment... :)
By Flying Scot
At last the penny dropped... Went into the calibration tools and set up the Temp Sensors as suggested... working flawlessly now... I also mucked around with an Arduiono Uno I had and set it up as Ardu-Stim with a 36-1 wheel and rpm at 250. connected up and immediately I got two ignition led's flashing and two injector leds flashing... went through all of the settings that can be changed in Tuner Studio and after a while I was able to set the system up to have all the ignition leds flashing and all of the injector leds flashing. I know now that all of the channels are functioning under Tuner Studio control and I am starting to get my head around why it only had half the leds flashing to start with. This is because you are in wasted spark and two plugs are connected to one channel and two plugs to the other channel and the injectors are in the same configuration. So to get the system to work sequentially I need a cam signal, although it does start flashing all the leds without a cam signal but you can see that the sequencing is not right.... Every day is a school day.... More reading of the manual required... Many thanks to you all for helping me get to grips with this. It is my first foray into EFI.... :)
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