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Hi Speeduino fellows

After discussion with my friends from vintage Fiat 500 forum, most of them would prefer to stick with carb. but they are all agreed a programmable ignition ECU would be a really nice to have for custom engine.
So I started a "small and low cost" speeduino design using MEGA Pro 2560 into the smallest Cinch ME-MX ECU enclosure.

So, because I had enough space to add more components than ignition only , finally it's a really "small" Custom Speeduino ECU into 100 x 65mm PCB :lol: .

Main features:
- Cinch automotive small enclosure ME-MX Molex connector (2 x12 pts connectors)
- Arduino Pro 2560 daughter card
- ISP interface for programming and debug.
- 4 injector channels (VND5N07)
- 2 ignitions outputs, 5V or 12V output level (IXDN602)
- 2 more outputs: Fuel pump, Aux (FAN, Boost or other purpose)(VND5N07)
- Stepper driver for IDLE (DRV8825) (if PWM idle not used)
- PWM Idle + Aux2 (if stepper driver not used) (VNLD5090)
- Communication via USB or Buetooth HM-11 module
- 1 VR sensors or 1 Hall sensors or 1 opto isolated input for crank (+12V signal input )
- +5V out for sensors power supply
- Baro and MAP sensor enclosed
- 4 analog inputs max. (O2, MAT, CLT, TPS)
- Tacho output (12V output level)

Schematic enclosed.
Will start the PCB production in a few days for this design, just need to double check the schematic before.
Franck ;)
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So the ISP connector is not usable?
Right, with Arduino IDE, USB is the way to go to burn a firmware.

But in the past, i had issue when flashing bootloader via USB/ Arduino IDE, I lost the (USB) serial connexion.
So, I was happy to use ISP connector and USBASP device to burn again a bootloader, and find (USB) serial connexion up and running!
Hi Fellows,

Small adjustments into the final design:
-Swap INJ and IGN connector outputs (in the case i just use 2 INJ and 1 IGN, running components will be far away from the PSU)
-Add a fuse into 5Vout
-Add a jumper for reset control feature
-Add a bus switch into RX/TX to BLE module, to open the bus (high Z) when USB cable is plugged. (avoid serial bus conflict between USB and BLE)

PCB under production at the moment! ;)
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Hi Fellows,

Just received all components including casing, (PCB on the way).
"baby" Cinch ME-MX enclosure is nice!

Edit 02/11/2020
Just receive the PCB
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Small follow up, assembly in progress, close to 90% for the 3 first PCBs.
Just check the buck regulator first and it work fine. ( with 12V-in, i have 6.7V-out, perfect to feed the Arduino pro 2560 board.)
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