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Any questions you have before you begin buying, building and installing.
By Flying Scot
Brand new to Speeduino project. I have assembled the board from scratch and am pretty sure I have everything in the correct place. Have a second Arduino Mega2560 setup with Ardu-Stim. Modded the code to work with the Mega and changed the default wheel and cam. Also set the default RPM to 700 instead of 6000.... selected a 36-1 wheel with the F3 cam signal. Only using the 36-1 signal at pin 53 on the Simulator Mega feeding it to pin 25 on Speeduino board. As soon as I plug in the USB to the Speeduino Mega all 4 LED's come on and stay on... Same happens when I connect 12V to the board direct.... Anybody else had this problem, it is obviously a build error on my part just hoping it is something stupid like a diode the wrong way round or some other stupidity on my part.
Welcome :)

First check ...
So you have the correct board selected in TS?

That's tunerstudio. I noticed you didn't mention it :)
By Flying Scot
Thanks for the reply, I will check that. It might tie in with what I found later. I removed the Arduino board from the Speeduino driver board and powered the Speeduino board with 12V and all the LED's are out on the board. So it looks like the Arduino Board is not initialising correctly and is switching all four channels on at the same time.... So it is looking like Tuner Studio is not setting up correctly. I am working on an iMac and one problem has shown up. the Speeduino Base Tune. msq file is on my desk top but Tuner Studio is not seeing it to load.... Should I just copy it into Tuner Studio, I am guessing this sets all the base parameters for the Arduino Board. :)
By NickZ
all ignition leds should be on. depends on what settings you have EG going HIGH or going LOW. ignition coils fire when the signal is lost, having the leds on means it feeding power (charging the coil) as it should, its not very often it will be the other way.
By theonewithin
1. Make sure correct board selected in Engine Constants

2. Ensure base tune is loaded before going any further as it sets up all options with sane values.

3. Do it from windows if you have to.
By Flying Scot
OK Guys very much finger trouble on my part. I was not loading the Speeduino Base Tune.msq file. I had copied it to my car file and assumed it was loaded automaticly... it's not. So restarted my project and went into file load base tune and loaded the Speedino base tune.msq... now all the leds are out. Went into hardware test in Tuner Studio and all the channels are switching on and off as required. Now hit another issue.. I have the Ardu-Stim simulator loaded onto a Arduino Mega 2560 and have modded the code to recognise the Arduino Mega 2560 and output on pins 52 and 53 for Cam and Crank signals. I scoped the output and and am getting a good signal on both pins. When I connect to the 40 pin IDC crank sensor input on pin 25 the board just does nothing, according to the video it should be cycling through the channels.... I am trying to sort out a decent test bench for the ECU.... :)
By dazq
An important thing to remember is to set the ardustim to a low RPM. If it is set too high when posting up( much more than typical cranking) then speedy will just ignore it thinking it's an error.

If you plan on testing sequential then you must setup accordingly, so you need the can trigger in too and adjust the settings on TS.

Lastly please post some logs and your tune on here as otherwise we are working blind.
By Flying Scot
I modded the defaults in Ardu-Stim for a 36-1 crank wheel and a f3 single pulse cam signal. I set the default RPM to 700 so I am guessing from your last that this is probably too high... probably go with half that value. I can't put it on the car cause it is a Classic BMW and none of the basic EFI sensors are bought and fitted yet. I wanted to get a clear indication that my work building the board was all good before I start spending serious dosh on components. Fitting the crank wheel will be a particular joy. I am not sure how to get any logs at the moment as the board is just on my desk and only being powered from my bench PSU and the iMac USB. I think part of the problem is that the Ardu-Stim and Speedy board are both being powered from a USB hub... The power may be down for the simulator. When I connect it to pin 25 the signal collapses. Looks like it's being loaded and can't drive the load. I took a lot of time today to just make sure that all my connection points on the 40 Way IDC do go to the correct components on the board paying particular attention to the ADC Clamp connections. All my measurments are good.... Thanks to you all for the help and comments so far..... :) No doubt there will be more head scratching and questions in the future. :)
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