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theonewithin wrote:
Sun Sep 27, 2020 12:11 am
Please at least download TS and load the base tune to view what options are available...

What you are asking for mostly exists already in 1 for or another.
If youre talking to me, then what I requested is not available
theonewithin wrote:
Mon Sep 28, 2020 1:34 am
It is completely possible to just do it though.

There is no need to an additional decoder at all.
Yeah, its more of a addon to the missing teeth decoder, being able to use map straight and skip resync. Not the best option, I know, but might work well in some cases. Glad this is open source, I might have a look at it myself :ugeek:
By xx75ccy
hi guys, i'm new user form italy! i have to be onest, i'm registered to partecipate at this tread.
i'm interested in renix 44-2-2 wheel decoder, and i'm going to attached some info of this.
olso i have a renault engine f7p on the floor, so i can put other information if you need.
thanks in advance! :D :D
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