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@ MegaTun, Sorry for the late reply. For private reasons I was unfortunately not able to continue working here.

However, I see it exactly like noisymime and don't want to publish any layouts / circuits that have not been tested!

I've been using my version of the Speeduino in a Moto Guzzi for around 10,000km / half a year and everything is going great!

Unfortunately I discovered some errors in the layout during this time!

With the knowledge I have collected, I will dedicate myself to the Speeduino again and design a v0.2.
This is then guaranteed to be published after a few test and driven kilometers.

The aim of v0.2 is to achieve the small design again, as I tend to focus more on motorcycles. All errors should be eliminated and more pins from the new FW should be led to the connector. Other components and plugs that are cheaper and easier to get in Europe should also be used.
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