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Alright I changed it to rising edge and to my surprise car started and ran fine lol. I didn't need to change timing or anything. I dropped the spark table 20% just to be safe though.
Went for a pull and still getting sync loss.

Also got a tooth log and realized that wires were switched because of the double long bars so switched the wires but didn't solder yet. It fixed the double bars to a single tall one. I wonder if not soldering could have cause the sync loss now. I will solder just to take it out of the way though.
I am attaching a pic of the tooth log and the two pulls I did but I will attach the logs also
All the attachments and pictures are with the rising edge
(80.44 KiB) Downloaded 17 times
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FIXED the issue.
Thanks you THEONEWITHIN for the replyes and for showing me that Mini Max A2 inverts the signal and it should be se to "rising edge" did that and had sync loss still what ultimately fix it was the combination of setting to RISING EDGE and upgrading the firmware from 2019-03 to 2020-08.
Car is ripping now. Super fast! This ECUs are amazin.

thanks again for your help theonewithin!
This is the video of the car running now
maybe the new code does something different when it looses sync. Later on after the car changed to the way you see on the video we also found something on my VVTI wiring that was expecting the positive from the Speeduino so I changed it but ya super impressive.

Thanks for your reply. I would not have switched to RISING EDGE without you showing me.

Thanks brother
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