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By jonbill
Thanks Dwight!
yes, I have the speedy sensor grounds wired to the Toyota sensor ground line - that's right I hope?
I do get sync with the DSC, but the battery has to be tip top - if it's a little tired the engine doesn't spin over quick enough to get sync.
With the MAX conditioner, did yours rev out OK then? hmm, that would be a very easy swap!
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By jonbill
runesm wrote:
Thu Jul 02, 2020 8:45 am
theonewithin wrote:
Thu Jul 02, 2020 3:16 am
Do you need to use the Speedy for ignition?

Could just use it for fuel only and allow OEM ignition control.

Won't need to tie into the crank/cam trigger then. Could just feed an injector pulse into the Speedy and set to distributor or whatever it is.
This is an okay way of going about it. The 1zz ecu has amazing knock control, and i've seen plenty run ~250hp on fully stock ignition, just fuel control.
Try taking the ig-F signal from the coils and put it in as a hall crank trigger, and set it to basic distributor. Every time a coil fires, it sends a 5v "i've fired"-confirmation signal back to the ecu.
I've just been trying this and couldn't get sync out of the IGF signal.
I put jp2 to hall and 3 off, 4 on, 5 off.
i connected IGF to VR1+ and left VR2 and VR- disconnected.
how does the injector layout go with distributor trigger? do you have to use batch and 4 squirts per cycle?
I was trying to avoid changing my injector wiring to all 4 channels and just go to semisequential. is Speedy still going to need an engine position for that?
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By jonbill
Good news, looks like I can rev out now, having switched to a max based VR conditioner. I can keep my sequential injector wiring and tune. credit to @evo_lucian
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evo_lucian wrote:
Thu Jul 02, 2020 5:52 pm
I had bad luck with the DSC VR conditioner not getting sync at start up on the last couple Toyota parallel installs I did. I switched to the max9926 VR conditioner and it worked brilliantly.
jonbill wrote:
Tue Jul 07, 2020 5:41 pm
Good news, looks like I can rev out now, having switched to a max based VR conditioner. I can keep my sequential injector wiring and tune. credit to @evo_lucian
So you know what's going-on here and for future reference; this situation is specific to parallel, vampire, or piggyback installations with shared sensors. Much like shared CLT or IAT sensors, there is conflict in other circuits that add or subtract current or voltage to the signal. Oversimplified; some signal conditioners only "look" at the signal (high-impedance input), and others use or consume signal voltage and current (low-impedance input).

If sharing signals like this, a low-impedance input will alter the signal characteristics between itself and the other parallel circuit, so a high-impedance input circuit is recommended, e.g., NCV1124, MAX992x, LM3xx etc. Nothing wrong with low-impedance conditioners, and they have better attributes for other applications, but they may have impact on other shared circuits in this specific type of application.

Much like selecting injectors or coils for a specific application, conditioners are also not chosen randomly. This is some of the info I wish was included for those shopping for conditioners, but there is too much to consider for an ad space. My suggestion for piggybacks is the improved MiniMAX-A2, but that's mine of course, and others can do as well. ;)

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By jonbill
Thanks David, I thought it must be something like that but as you say, the information to support a choice wasn't available. But then I might not have understood it even if was available.
I'm very happy the community was able to offer an affordable solution, and I've now got a spare dsc ready for my next project.
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By jonbill
I'm nearly done I think.
I've now progressed through a series of pulleys on the supercharger.
the original 120mm pulley did nothing.
The 90mm pulley produced 3kpa boost.
Then an 80mm pulley that made 12kpa.
Now I'm on a 65mm pulley and it's at 26kpa and I think that'll do. It goes nicely. Speeduino is great. :D
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By jonbill
I've been having trouble with (I think) the Toyota knock control stopping the ignition around 4000 - 4500 RPM.
So I thought I'd try and run the ignition too.
I thought I had wired it for sequential ignition (along with sequential fuel) but I couldn't get it to run with sequential spark config, but it runs great with wasted COP configuration. I'm using all 4 ignition channels and all 4 LEDs are lighting up.

What's the difference between wasted COP and Sequential? I thought wasted COP would only use 2 ignition channels.
What would I have to do to run sequential ignition?

help :?

PS helpful factoid for anyone doing this again - I found the trigger angle to be 146 degrees.
And another helpful hint - since the OEM IGN wiring has one black, one blue/w and two blue wires, I advise labelling the blue wires before cutting them :shock:
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By jonbill
OK, I've re-read the wiki which confirms (I think) that the wiring is the same for wasted COP and Sequential, and a quick look at the code shows that sequential ignition uses 720 degree crank angle whereas wasted COP only uses 360. Obvious I suppose.
But I can't enter 506 in TS so that's a dead end. I'll keep looking.

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