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By Jansun
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Works, no resets anymore :D

One other thing, sometimes Tunerstudio won't connect anymore. It's hard to say when and when not, but when i unplug the USB when connected to TS and there is power on the ecu then sometimes it wont connect anymore, i have to restart tunerstudio to reconnect.

I have to say i use firmware 2019.02, not the latest release.
By Jansun
Finally its running! It runs both on fuel and LPG (spark only for LPG)

All in/outputs work right now, but i have to move the igbt's farther away from each other to fit it in the case and have no misfires. Also, i'm gonna add an analog input for a wideband sensor.
By Jansun
Since i updated from a basic distributor to wasted spark i got some misfires at WOT. during a half hour drive ones or so. I made a log:
log1.PNG (22.8 KiB) Viewed 2857 times
At 49sec you can see the MAP increases, im almost certain this is the backfire (after the backfire i stoped the log, it took me about 3sec). I've added my msq and log in the attachments.

Is there anybody who has an idea what is going wrong?
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Nothing leaps out on the log or tune.

imo, your dwell looks a little high, but that will totally depend on the coils you have.

cant see if its running weak, as you don't appear to have an O2 sensor!

Check your wiring. :)
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By jonbill
I'm No expert in analysing these logs, but does that really say 31 deg advance at 1400 rpm? That's a lot of advance for any engine I know.

Edit: I just read lpg needs more advance than petrol, so maybe!
By Jansun
Right now i dont use the o2 sensor, im going to add a wideband. the engine is running on LPG, separate from the injection system. I increased the pre-ignition , because of the backfires. I still hear no nocking, so i think iam still safe :D

Can a high dwell (4ms) cause misfiring? I use the ford EDIS 6yl coil pack (not the edis module, direct driven from 3x BIP373).
Hadn't realised your were running LPG. Suggest you get WBO2 sooner rather than later.

David (@PSIG) has commented in another topic, that an LS coil can auto fire as dwell gets to high. I think that was an LS coil though. Doesn't mean that others don't. I don't know much about different coils, so you need what is recommended for yours. Yours is steady in the log at 4ms.

Your coolant appears a little low at 85*C. is the LPG reducer providing enough gas phase?

Lots of advance and a lean AFR is going to cause issues.
By Jansun
Sometimes it looks like it stalls a bit, so i do expect it is the ignition. anyway, im going to add the wideband sensor.

i will get back on it ;)
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By jbiplane
Hello Junsun

Curious if you finally sucseed this project. I desparatelly looking for working standalone project to cut it to simplest possible 1...2 cylinder board to integrate to throttle body. It would be nice to fit in 70x70mm.
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